Saturday, May 12, 2012

1st Tau Tank is finished!

Wow, I guess I am slowly getting back in the game! I was actually looking forward throwing this tank on the blog . I like the turquoise/orange/beige color scheme and it will give me options for the troops as well. Here she is, not perfect, but as good as I want it to be right now:

I painted all the weapon tips and laser heads beige.
And yes, finally I added some decals! I did use Testors Matt Varnish to cover the whole thing and make the decals look more realistic. Oh, when I put on the decals, I used MicroSol setting solution to make the decals lay flat on round spots. Great stuff!

Hope you enjoyed this one. I am going to put up a little video soon of a trick i accidentally found in Photoshop to give you a quick preview of different colorschemes. Nifty!

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SC Mike


  1. Looks great! The main colours go well together but still somehow contrast really well because of the places you have used them...

  2. I love it! Are the troops going to be in this scheme as well, or could you reverse the dominant and highlight colors for them?

  3. Looks really cool!
    The weathering works really well with the scheme that you have chosen.