Friday, May 11, 2012

Some Tau Testing

A while back Tony from the SCWH gaming group (AND painter in Heroes of Armageddon) and I made a big trade: my entire Dwarf Army for all his Tau. Since the trade I had not touched the models but a week ago I suddenly got inspired and grabbed a tank out of the box. I wanted to put a Hawk Turquoise base on it. I found an amazing spray paint in that color  from a German manufacturer called Montana

After a sepia wash I did some serious drybrushing with spacewolf grey and rotting flesh and now I am in the highlighting phase.

the gun is unfinished as are the exhausts

As always, the pictures seem to highlight the flaws of drybrushing more then compliment them, but the overall look of the model looks pretty cool to me. I imagine it being scorched by atmospheric dust.

lots of work still to do in cleaning it up

I am just messing around with it, trying to drum up a workable look but it is really enjoyable. And the model kit is amazing, it's truly an awesome shape and a great GW model.

I will add decals and try to clean up the wash residue and the parts that look TOO drybrushed, I expect to work on it for the next couple of weeks!

SC Mike


  1. This army needs to happen. This looks fantastic, and is so outside the norm. Wonderful work!

  2. I totally agree with Dratmere - it looks awesome. And those are no drybrushing marks. Its weathering effects from fleeing the battlefield at max speed :)

  3. I think it looks great. As a Tau player I am biased, but I think Tau vehicle designs are some of the best in the 40K universe.
    The colour and effects used here only add to the awesomeness!

  4. I have always found Tau one of the hardest armies to paint.

    Trying to find a colour scheme that matches across the varied units and models usually ended up with endless test models being painetd up before boxing my Tau up in frustration again - lol

    You have done a brilliant job on this vehicle and I am looking forward to seeing much more!

    Happy Painting,