Saturday, June 23, 2012

SC Warhammer joins in new Escalation League

This spring, several of us from SC Warhammer joined in a Warhammer escalation league. Though I have done so before, it has been many years and I had been hankering to begin a new army. After talking to SC John - who was also wanting to try out a new army - we decided to jump in on this campaign hosted by our new LFGS Mythic Games. Ruben, the store owner was gracious enough to allow a dozen of us to invade his store once or twice a week to throw dice!

(Left to right: John G. - who won Best Painted - faces off against Ruben, our host)

Throughout the spring and into summer, we had 12 official game nights culminating in a 2000 point with three prizes up for grabs - Best General (Rex), Best Painted (John G.) and Best Sportsman (SC Glenn).

(Rex, giving us his "Best General" face!)

All-in-all, it was a wonderfully enjoyable experience which has motivated me to collect and paint a new army. (Ogre Kingdoms)

(This is my giant who, throughout the campaign, either died quickly or smashed mightily!)

(David and Alan, both ferocious Warhammer opponents!)

Escalation leagues are a wonderful way to try out a new army and to meet new players. All of us had a wonderful time and are now eagerly awaiting the start of a new map-based Warhammer campaign as well as the arrival of the new 6th Ed. 40K! A big thanks to Ruben for hosting, Paul and Rex for organizing and running the league and to SC John and Scott for all of the Ogre Kingdoms help and advice!

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