Sunday, July 29, 2012

Black Crusade Nurgle Lord is finished!

Last night I finished up my donation to the Black Crusade Charity Drive 2012. It's a 'counts as Typhus' Nurgle Lord. He ended up very gory, which is not something I have done before, but it was enjoyable to play around with. I ended up using a different base for him then I first intended, because I wanted to give the model a bit more height. The Typhus model is slightly smaller then the new Terminator models, so the extra height gives him more visual weight on the battlefield.

The poor Imperial Fist is a tribute to a Nurgle Lord I made years ago, I thought it was fun to remake that model a bit.

Here's that old guy from 2009 and the new one next to him

Below you can see the gore, sculpted with green stuff and finished up with some glossy varnish.
 I had the blood drip down on the ground a bit, pretty hard to make that believable, but I am happy with the result.

Lots of glossy residue coming from his flesh breaking out of the terminator armour.

I did end up putting some blood on the scythe, just to create a spot color of red over 3 parts of the model.

And that was it. It will be shipped off and raffled off to a lucky winner, getting a great Chaos Army. It will be raffled off the end of August. PLEASE donate; the cause is great and we all know how generous our gaming community can be. Click on the Black Crusade button on the right top of our blog!

SC Mike

Friday, July 27, 2012

Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night

Tonight marked the first "official" Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night at our new venue - Mythic Games. It was quite fun with several new faces showing up to game, paint or just hang-out with us! SC John played Wings of War(From Fantasy Flight Games)against Rex.
SC Mike showed off his amazing Nurgle Lord (see post below) which he has nearly completed while Tony's Imperial Guard and my Deathwing teamed up to take on newcomer Steve's Blood Angels and our gracious host Reuben's Mythic Marines in a 2 vs 2 battle!
Aside from the obvious socializing and good cheer, there was much talk over the new White Dwarf and the Chaos mini-dex included inside. If you're ever in the Santa Cruz area, come by Mythic Games and ask how you can get involved in the painting & modelling clinics, Warhammer and 40K campaigns as well as other RPG's, CCG'c and wargames - and just maybe you'll run into to one (or more) of us getting a friendly match in. SC Glenn

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Black Crusade: WIP of Nurgle Lord

I have made good progress on the Nurgle Lord 'counts as Typhus' that is going to get shipped of in a week or so to the Black Crusade Charity.
Here are some images:
I added a lot of glossy to the gore and the little demon. I am not experienced with painting blood, so any suggestions would be welcome.
I haven't touched the scythe really, and I do want to add some blood to that part as well.
This is the first model that I have painted entirely under a magnifier lamp, it's been really eye opening. At first I had trouble judging the distance of the brush to the model, but after a while it became second nature.

Final images coming up next week!

SC Mike

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Rules are Broken, You Can Fix Them

I have been playing a lot more and beating up my rules book and army books, got sick of the pages spilling onto the floor when I was looking stuff up, so decided to take action.

 Wax paper, wood glue, old paintbrush, small dish.

As you can see the pages were falling out in bunches, I open the book up and lay in some glue with the brush .

fold a sheet of wax paper and lay it in a few millimeters from the spine crease

then lay the loose page block back into the crease on top of the wax paper and into the spine crease.

 lay another folded piece of the wax paper on top of the reset pages, again a few MM from the crease, and then a bit more glue into the spine crease

close the book and press the extra glue out by running your thumb while pressing from the center to each end

now clean up the brush and let the book sit overnight

when dry, open and slowly lift the wax paper out it should not stick to the glue.


Saturday, July 14, 2012

Black Crusade Nurgle Commander part 2

Here's a quick visual update on the Nurgle Commander I am painting for the Black Crusade Charity Drive.
I worked on cleaning up belly and shins and made sure the highlighting was clean and tight.

Next up I am going to work on finishing the head and working on the Terminator head.

Remember, just donating a few bucks would give you a chance to win this great army. There are a lot of professional German and English painters involved and their work is really excellent.
DONATE please, it's for a good cause and it is FUN! Here's the link:
Black Crusade 2012

SC Mike

Monday, July 9, 2012

Black Crusade Charity Drive 2012!

A couple of befriended bloggers asked me months ago if it would be OK to take over the mantle in charity drives for the wargaming community. After organizing the Storm Wardens Charity Drive and the Heroes of Armageddon, John and I had already decided not to do anything big this year, and we also felt our main man Dave Taylor was not ready for it this year. So I told Falk (from Table Top Fix) to go ahead and get something organized. And he did!
Check out their blog: Black Crusade 2012.
The Black Crusade has the same setup as our previous drives: each dollar will become a ticket and every week winners will be chosen for gifts from sponsors. The main prize is the Chaos Army that all the team members are working on. Here you can read more about the goals and the charity of choice.

I asked Falk if I could help out in a modest way and he accepted my request to paint a Nurgle Character. My painting skills are not at the same level as some of the team members, but I figured I am going to try anyway. So I made a slight conversion to the Typhus Model, and here is a WIP; I painted some basecolors on, washed it once with sepia and reblocked some areas, then did some minor highlighting on the belly:

I swapped out his right hand and chose an old fashioned gauntlet, holding a Terminator head. For the head I used a standard Chaos rebreather head and positioned it looking at the head. He's saying "is that all you got, you punk?"
I wanted the scythe to be on his shoulder but in the original sculpt it's pointing down. Because the model is metal, I was able to twist the blade 180 without problems.

I also created a banner for him, using an old Chaos banner made of human skin. That will be fun. Underneath the terminator head I added some greenstuff strands, to imitate gore from underneath the head, where is was pulled off.

Anyway, it's due in the next couple of weeks or so, so I will be solely working on this project and I will need all that time to get something good.

Please donate to the Black Crusade NOW. Remembers, they are giving away prizes all the time, and you still have a chance to win the main army!

SC Mike

Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Best Part of the 6th Edition 40k Rulebook

I have spent many hours now with the new 40k rulebook, and I have not even read any of the rules yet.  I have been too captivated by the amazing artwork, battlefield photos, and fluff.  That is one of the advantages of 430 pages of full color; there is lots of eye candy.  The photo above is a magnificent two page piece of the Imperial Calendar.

This is one of my favorite pieces.  It depicts the Adeptus Mechanicus on one of their forge worlds.  A subject matter that I am personally interested in.

Check out this close up.  It is some kind of bio-mechanical construct that has numerous people wired into its workings.  I have no idea what it is but I really want to build one for the table top.

Speaking of the Adpetus Mechancus one of my favorite sections of the book is Appendix 1 which in GW's own words is, "A miscellany of the esoteric and unusual - casting light onto some of the darker, more obscure corners of the Imperium.  Everything from Astropathic communication to a guide to field-dressing a lasgun wound can be found here!"  The first page is all about the Cult Mechanicus.  Hooray for more fluff!

Here is one of the 2 page spreads that mark the beginning of each section of the book.  Each one has a quote on the left and a picture of an iconic character on the right.  Again, full color is great.

The other thing that really captivates me is the new battlefields that GW created for this book.  Their terrain team made some extremely awesome stuff.  The image above is part of a 4 page centerfold portraying Eagle Gate the entrance to Eydol Hive City.  This structure is massive.  Tangled hive cities have always interested me but I have never seen one portrayed this well before.

A refinery and accompanying dam.

A deep space asteroid base.  Awesome!

An Imperial installation.  While this one appears to be build-able it used at least 3 Fortress of redemption kits, 3 Skyshield landing pads, and a half dozen Bastion kits.

This book really is beautiful and has gotten me inspired to dive back into 40k full force.  Hopefully the rules match the awesomeness of the artwork, but even if they don't I will have fun trying to recreate the amazing universe and all its inhabitants on my own table.