Friday, July 27, 2012

Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night

Tonight marked the first "official" Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night at our new venue - Mythic Games. It was quite fun with several new faces showing up to game, paint or just hang-out with us! SC John played Wings of War(From Fantasy Flight Games)against Rex.
SC Mike showed off his amazing Nurgle Lord (see post below) which he has nearly completed while Tony's Imperial Guard and my Deathwing teamed up to take on newcomer Steve's Blood Angels and our gracious host Reuben's Mythic Marines in a 2 vs 2 battle!
Aside from the obvious socializing and good cheer, there was much talk over the new White Dwarf and the Chaos mini-dex included inside. If you're ever in the Santa Cruz area, come by Mythic Games and ask how you can get involved in the painting & modelling clinics, Warhammer and 40K campaigns as well as other RPG's, CCG'c and wargames - and just maybe you'll run into to one (or more) of us getting a friendly match in. SC Glenn


  1. John: hope to see you at games day today in Chicago.

  2. Drath-

    not this year, I have my fingers crossed for LA next year, let me know when they announce it.


  3. Fantasy Flight is taking over! lol