Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Rules are Broken, You Can Fix Them

I have been playing a lot more and beating up my rules book and army books, got sick of the pages spilling onto the floor when I was looking stuff up, so decided to take action.

 Wax paper, wood glue, old paintbrush, small dish.

As you can see the pages were falling out in bunches, I open the book up and lay in some glue with the brush .

fold a sheet of wax paper and lay it in a few millimeters from the spine crease

then lay the loose page block back into the crease on top of the wax paper and into the spine crease.

 lay another folded piece of the wax paper on top of the reset pages, again a few MM from the crease, and then a bit more glue into the spine crease

close the book and press the extra glue out by running your thumb while pressing from the center to each end

now clean up the brush and let the book sit overnight

when dry, open and slowly lift the wax paper out it should not stick to the glue.



  1. Great how to. It is a shame that we even have to do this though.

  2. when codexes, dark heresy books, etc fall apart, I just take em to kinkos. It costs about $5 to have them cut of the failing binding & spiral bound them.

  3. Of course you could try this