Thursday, September 13, 2012

My buddy Christian's Chaos Cultists!

My buddy Christian got me into the hobby eons ago and we still update each other's hobby progress on a regular basis. He has every good army possible (yes, I mean complete armies, going on 7 or so), but he finally decided he was ready to go evil. While I went the traitor guard route, he went for the new Chaos army and he set about kitbashing Chaos Cultists, raiding his bitz box. I am showing off a few of the 10 or so he built so far, and he painted up a few terminators as well. Enjoy!


"My Chaos army is called The Lost and Forgotten and is led by Balpheleon, who stared into the Warp a bit too long and got excommunicated by the Inquisition. My chaos cultists are the disenfranchised, the rabble, scum, the deserters and the Broken Hearted."

 Balpheleon (left)with his customized lightningclaw/stormbolter. Not legit, but it looks awesome.

Below one of the boys. Head by Maxmini, legs are from the flagellant kit

 more flagellant bitz, plus a kitbashed gasmask, using Dragon Fore pewter wire.
 Love the fantasy pistol

good stuff! Hope you enjoyed!
SC Mike


  1. Liking these very much. Dark... even Grim Dark. :)

  2. Good Work Christian!!
    I can't wait to play again soon!!!

  3. The blood soaked bases/boots is a very cool twist, and it works really well here.

    I see a chaos renegade army as the best kind of project. No two cultist armies are ever the same, and there's sooooo much room for customization and conversion it not only makes it your own but makes it something special.

  4. Nice! Good storyline too. Fluff is a plus.

  5. They look cool, is there an army to go with it and these are just the teasers?


  6. Thanks for the kind words. I'm makeing more out of Guard,Orks,Empire,Chaos and green stuff to fill in the gaps. I'll go a little darker on the blood as it makes them look like they are up to no good..

  7. LOL, I came here because I thought the blog post was:
    "My buddy's CHRISTIAN Chaos Cultists!"

    Great minis by the way!