Wednesday, September 12, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard! Part 1: the start of someting BIG!

Wow. I have worked my way towards this project for two years now, weaving in and out of Fantasy with Ogres and Vampire Counts and some 40K with Spacewolves and Tau. But now I have committed myself for a while: I will be building up a good size Traitor Guard Army.
I had to wait for the Chaos rules to come out to really decide I didn't want to build hundreds of cultists with autoguns. I prefer the immense variety of weaponery of the Guard and making it into traitors will give me tons and tons of modeling freedom. It's very inspiring stuff. I have been dreaming about building a traitor guard for years now and am looking forward to all the modeling joy it will bring me.

So I am going with the guard codex and if I were to add some Chaos marines as Allies, they would follow the Space Marine codex.
I have been working at the project for a while aleady and if you are a reader of SCWH on Facebook, you will already have seen some stuff.

The theme is a highly trained, but struggling Traitor Guard army, bogged down in a swamp area. I envision the terrain in one of the first Gaunts Ghosts stories, where we get introduced to all the different characters. It's a sad and nasty underground and the boys are struggling.
They are all good soldiers, but they have some crazies with them and all of their skintones are a bit pallid. Here's a family shot of the models I have done so far:

My idea behind the posts is to show how you can make a nice looking Traitor Guard army on the cheap, with lots of creativity and fun. This is the perfect army to raid your bitz box and I will show you some examples in the series.
I am not a pro painter and there are millions of people who can do way better. That is not the point. I just want to share the joy that I have, starting a big project and looking everywhere for great bitz and models and putting something together that fits what I envisioned. Here's an example of a flamer guy I threw together and how it ended up after painting.
The head is from the Valkyrie pilot sprue, the arms and body from older Brettonian sprues and the legs from a Catachan model. The barrel is a pretty standard bit and some Dragon Forge cable really helps tie the whole thing together.

I hope you will have a read once in a while and let me know what you think!

And I haven't thought of the name yet either, which I like to do. They might become opponents of the Bishkek 2nd.

SC Mike


  1. The troops look awesome so far, Mike! I'm especially fond of the traitor ogryn.

    Definitely excited to see where you go with this. Keep it up!

  2. Very nice. I agree that your arc of projects really led you here eventually. I am excited to see more.

  3. NICE! I really dig how those traitors look - I'll echo the sentiment that the flamer is especially cool. Looking forward to seeing more!

    Keep up the great work!

  4. Top notch as always Mike, nice work.

  5. Woot! Look forward to more of these scum!

  6. For my own Imperial Guard I chose to go with a strong penal legion feel. For the head I've opted to use the ones from Pig Iron, the ones with the gas-masks. The Penal Legionnaires themselves I opted to go for Victoria Miniatures. Sticking to grey and darker gray as a color scheme.
    I tried to stick to something that could be used as non-traitor as well as traitor guard. But I am definitely looking forward to usage of more bit box goodness as what you have done thusfar looks awesome :)