Sunday, September 16, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: part 2: Counts as Ogryns...

I have been really creatively inspired by my decision to build a Traitor Guard army and I particularly enjoyed building up 3 Ogryns. Over the course of two weeks I built three models, loosely based on some AD Mech models I saw in an old White Dwarf. Sculpting the green stuff is easy and ANYONE can do this.

Here's the family pic:

Here's a before and after of the first one I did. The guns are the front ends of drywall plugs, the backpack is from a Ork Kromlech set, the cables are from Dragon Forge and of course you need plenty of plastic tubing.
The green stuff is uncomplicated. I am trying to show the flesh grows around weapons, so it can look a bit wiry. I put the stuff on and pull it with a sharp tool in the direction wanted. Make it look stringy, it will look better in painting.
The canvas sack over his head: I pressed canvas texture in after it had cured for 20 minutes or so. The goggles were made with two little balls of green stuff and the open end of a pen. Easy!

One other thing: if you have wires coming out of flesh, create some flesh stress with greenstuff around it, by pulling little strings around the socket. Come painting time, you can make that look distressed and swollen. I painted all those parts in a mixture of pinks, red washes and black shading with a glossy finish at some parts.

You can see I also had to resculpt the belly, since Ogryns come with that open belly. This one I worked on a belt with beltloops, on the other ones I went more simple.

Here's the second one:

The barrel is from the Valkyrie set, the Gun is an Ork Gun from Kromlech.
 I spent quite a bit of time on the wiring from and to the barrel. This model looks most like the original sculpt.

The band around the barrel and wrapped around his waist is actually just a glued on elastic band.

Here's the 3rd one:

Here i resolved the belly by adding a piece of parchment with a chaos symbol. The gun and hammer are old metal Chaos bitz.

I hope these inspire someone to to go a step beyond conversion and just have fun with it. It doesn't have to look Golden Demon like to make an impression. On the battle field these models will look plenty Traitor Guard!

SC Mike


  1. Loving these freaky fellows. That masked one is especially disturbing.

  2. Look great! Add a little chaos taint to those ogres and you get what you should -- OGRES!

  3. Wow, those Ogryn are frakin' fantastic!

  4. How does the Ogryn with no hands manages to put his pants and boots on and off?