Wednesday, September 19, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Part 3: some troops and details

Here's a quick update on some troops in my new traitor guard. I just want to show how much fun it can be to grab bitz from everywhere and throw something together that actually looks the part. Here's the group with the flamer, which I have already shown in a previous post.

I like gasmask heads a lot, but I don't want to overdo it, since you miss the expression  a model has, which in turn leads to a kind of bland look. So finding heads was crucial. Here's the list from left to right:
gasmask head: maxmini, bald head: empire, bandaged head: brettonnian, rebreather: pig iron, gasmask: pig iron, helmet: valkyrie pilot

Next up the weapons and arms: really tough to find weapon/arm combinations that don't involve guard shoulderpads. So I ended up using mostly Empire arms and catachan. Guns come from anywhere, but the M4's are from Max Mini.

Here's a detailed look at the flamer:
As you can see, using Dragon Forge pewter cable (just ordered another set-must have!) and plastic tubing, you can make something look pretty cool.  My goal was to make it look dirty and cheap, but deadly. By putting a helmet on the model, it looks as though the flamer works really well and he needs facial protection from the heat.

On the bases: I am going with a swamp theme. 
Making it is easy. Put some PVA glue on the base, but not everywhere. Imagine a little stream or puddle. After it's dry, drybrush the sand ( i use beach sand), and paint the stream in you color of choice. I wash the whole base with Sepia. After drying I add glossy to the wet parts. After attaching the grass, I wash that as well and give it a slight drybrush with a lighter color.

Hope you enjoyed!

SC Mike


  1. These guys are looking great Mike, I love the variety in the "uniforms".


  2. reminds me of the bad guy gang in the Postman movie that wore all orange.