Wednesday, September 26, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Part 4: Heavy Weapon Squad 1

I knew from the start of this project that I wanted my Heavy Weapon Squad to be counts-as, and looking more like Artillery (which the Guard inexplicably lacks) in WW1. So before looking at the model, remember this: you are really looking at two guys with a heavy bolter or lasgun or mortar. But I love the idea of an interesting mini diorama and had fun making it. In a game I will just mention what actual weapon is in play.

Here's the unpainted and painted version

The gun body is from the 40K Ork Lobba, the barrel is a home made piece of tubing. The wheels come from the large Skaven Bell Kit.

I created the sandbags using the tutorial in the Forgeworld Modeling book vol 1. It's really easy and fun. I have done a tutorial on it years ago right here.
The rest of it was balsawood and beach sand and a bit of playing around with positioning.

Here's a shot from the back. The back wheel is a Chaos bit from the olden days, but I don't know where it's from. I have three more and got them in a trade ages ago. Finally found a use for it. I added the pin and attachment to secure it in the swamp.

The other side

I gave this guy an Ipad, just for fun. 

Little details help

The front 'fender' is a bit of plastic card with rivets and an old chaos star.
And here is the unit with four new friends that I will introduce next time!

PS: I am looking for TWO more Ork Lobbas (just need that gun body piece) If anyone has one that they want to trade or sell, let me know!

SC Mike


  1. Great job, really good choice of colour on the wheels, gives a strong contrast against the rest of the model.

    My only suggestion would be maybe to angle the barrel slightly higher on one of the others to give it a more 'artillery' feel, but that's just personal preference :-)

  2. Very nice cobbled together piece. Needs a midget to fly out of the end of teh cannon with a crash helmet on!

  3. Im really in love with your new project, everything s stunning in there, expecially i like the individual feeling of every model you made..
    im waiting for more update, and for more ideas to steal you :P for my bloodpact