Wednesday, December 12, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard Army Overview Part 2

Here is the rest of the stuff I recently finished for the Traitor guard/Chaos list of 1500 points. It's not totally done yet, but getting there.

Here's the landraider:

It's equipped with the twinlinked lascannons, the heavy bolter and the havoc launcher.

As you can see, I created new lascannons. I used a Tau Ionic Blaster and sawed off the cannon part. Then created two lascannons using plastic tubing. That I insterted into the sponsons. They move perfectly and look different but still serious. I think it's a good kitbash to do to make your chaos lr look a bit different.

The havoc launcher is made of the missile pod of the Valk.

The dead man is from the Forworld Renegade trooper kit, very nicely donated to me by my buddy Michael. To make him blend in on the fender, I added more entrails and flesh with greenstuff. ALSO, I lengthened the fenders with two pieces of fantasy movement tray, to cover up the aquila on the threads.

Of course ALL the weapons are magnetized, so I don't have to remember which weapon was destroyed during gaming, just take them off!

Onto the counts-as-Vendetta!

 Its the 1/48 scale Revell Hind helicopter model, that John found when looking for a suitable replacement for the Vendetta for my army. I bought it for 20 bucks on Ebay.
It looks big, but is actually the same bodysize as the Valk/Vendetta, except that the tail is about 2 inches longer. Since that part doesn't really come into play, it works perfectly. The distance from nose to wing is the same as the GW model, so it works great in look on the battlefield.

The lascannons were home made and are all magnetized so I can take them off if I lose a set in battle.

The base I made from some bits and stuff and I found an upright barrell to use as stand for my Dragonforge flightstand. I prefer the round and clean look over the GW version.

And last but not least: a squad of Chaos Marines!

I also photographed my third renegade squad but somehow deleted the images during transfer. More on those guys later!



  1. Great call on the Hind, and it looks amazing... Have to say though the Land Raider just looks perfect... Love the Havoc Launcher, going to have to suggest that to some of our local Chaos players...

  2. Those lascannons and havoc launcher look awesome. Nice work!

  3. Very nice work! Looks like a fun army to see across the table!

  4. I wanted to make an army based on the rules in the Sisters of Battle Codex, in the "Enemies of the Inquisition" or whatever it was called.

    I have plenty of Guard troops already and I thought it might justify me buying some nurglings and plague marines, so that I could head it with my Karloth Valois

  5. These look awesome! Awesome color scheme, awesome everything ^^

  6. awesome work fella, loving the paint jobs