Saturday, December 8, 2012

SCWH Traitor Guard: Army Shot!

I have been working hard on my Traitor Guard. Here's an update on the progress:

I stole a 1500 pts Guard/Chaos allies list (somewhere onlin) with a counts-as-Vendetta, a Maulerfiend, a Landraider, a squad of Chaos Marines and the troops you have seen before. Let's show off some details:


I pinned him on one leg to create more dynamic movement. That required one back leg to stretch out while the other came forward.

I magnetized all the weapon options for both models, so I can turn him into a Forgefiend as well. You can see the magnet in the middle of his body. Once I have the other weapons painted up, I will show you how to use the existing kit to get it all done.

Penal Squad
Using Victoria Miniatures Victorian troops, I reversed the concept of a penal squad (John's idea). Good guys captured by traitors! Their minds have been blanked using the (sculpted) collars, that of course also carry an explosive.

Their leader has already crossed the point of no return, but you can still see his background in his pants.
I also thought it would be fun to use a mechanical guard dog. By the way, the heads of the captures men are bareheaded Germans from West Wind

I will show you the rest next week!



  1. Nice work! I really dig how that has all turned out - really has a nice 'Lost and the Damned' vibe to it.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. The forgefiend really came out great!

  3. Cant wait to see where the chopper came from :)

  4. Really like the Maulerfiend. The captured loyalists are a great touch too!

  5. Beautiful work. I yearn to cleanse these abominations with blessed promethium. Of course, the psychically pressed guardsmen cannot be fully absolved, as their faith was clearly not strong enough


  6. Nice army... Curious where the Hind came from, what scale, etc.? Looks really good...

  7. thanks for the comments. I will do a part 2 next week that shows off the other new stuff, including the Hind.

  8. So full of all kinds of awesome!