Tuesday, February 26, 2013

a couple of quick paintjobs

I painted two models, both using the kind of dirty white stippling I am into right now. First the kitbashed Warp Smith

and here's a test model for my terminator squad. I will show off the squad with better pictures when it is done.



Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cobbling together Chaos Terminators!

(click on image above for larger view)
This past weekend I enjoyed cobbling together 5 Chaos Terminators from the Assault on Black Reach set and my remaing Spacewolf bitz. All the models needed removal of all insignia. I didn't want to use standard Terminator heads, so I cut our the heads from the Black reach models, cut them in half and swapped out legs. Using Chaos bitz and Warriors of Chaos bitz I finalized the models. To give the shoulder pads more heft, I cut out plastic card rims.
Here they are
the one below I will count as a Reaper Autocannon, until I can actually find that bit and replace it.

I built one more, out of a Chaos Terminator Lord that SC John generously gifted me, and will show that one once all of them are painted. I will also add new barrel ends to the bolters.

SC Mike

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traitor Guard Update: tanks!

I told you I have been busy: here's more stuff I have done in the last 2 months or so..

Here's the Hellhound/Banewolf version. I decided to not create every weapon option for each version, instead I chose the coolest looking weapon option and will use it in games as any of the three variants.

You can see I added some stuff to the sides, completely unrealistic, but I think it looks great and it breaks up the design on the side a bit
On the back I replaced the standard cover completely and instead made it a bit more rugged. Using plastic square tubing, a jewelers chain and some old Chaos bit, I created a more traitorous looking back. I also added an exhaust and a couple of tow hooks

Here's an old Bishkek Russ, that use to live like the grand old dame but it was time to repaint this tank to give my guard a little more fire power

Since I got this model built, I never did any modifications to it, and I left it at that for this project.

SC Mike

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Traitor Legions update: Plague Marines through the ages

I built and painted a whole punch of plague marines and had a really good time with it. I was able to incorporate 3 generations of Nurgle Marines into the group, including the classic Jes Goodwin sculpt. Here's the family shot first. Doubleclick on the images to see it bigger..

Going back 25-30 years:

These models have a lot of character and a a joy to paint. These sculpts still have the absurd and funny to them, that the models nowadays miss-then it there was a lot of room for fun and laughter, whereas the models nowadays are so grim and serious. Anyway, I still have 10 of these old guys laying around and I will get to them eventually.

from the nineties:

The classic plague marine sculpts from Jes Goodwin. They are good looking, my favorite is the guy with the goggles. I only have these three from that period.

recent models, early 2000's

These are the current line of plague marines. They look gruesome and threatening. Their funny parts have been subdued and there is more gore. Still, great looking models and really fun to paint.

Battle for Macragge Marines turned Chaos

I picked up a cheap set of these recently and converted three to Chaos, to bulk up the ranks. With one Chaos shoulderpad and a rough paintjob, they look the part-i did cut off all the imperial signs. I am working now on converting Spacewolf Terminators into Chaos Terminators.

SC Mike

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More work in progress

I am working on a bunch of different things now, with Tyranids and Chaos on the forefront. Here is another Chaos Marine I finished up; an old metal plague marine. I worked on his fist for a while.

I have also been contemplating the whole INQ28 thing and put together a few models. I transformed a chaos cultist into a inquisitor retinue type heavy gunner (middle). I decided to paint these models different from what I normall do, which you can see down below.

I prime the model black and then use a light spray from one side. All the parts that are covered by the light spray, is what I will actually paint, the rest stays black or very muted. That way you get the shading to make it look a bit more dramatic.

Obviously, the witch hunter isn't done by a long stretch, but you kind of get the idea. You can see I added an empire wizard hand to make him a bit more myserious.

It's fun!

SC Mike

Monday, February 11, 2013

Some Tyranids!

I picked up a 20 dollar copy of the Battle of Macragge a little while ago. I converted some of the marines into Chaos Marines and then my eye fell on the Nids. I put some models together and painted them, and it was a real joy! I loved the lines, the different levels of depth and the nastiness of the expression.

Here are the ones I did:

Here's the boss from behind:

It was really fun to paint these models and I am kind of looking to build a small, 1000 point army of them, just to set a goal to do some interesting paintwork.

SC Mike

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Kitbashed Chaos Warp Smith

I got a spurt of modeling inspiration this morning and amazingly, I had time to follow through on it: here's my Warp Smith.

The GW is great but too expensive for a model like this, that probably will never see the tabletop in a serious way. But the model is awesome and I tried to replicate it as much as possible, using my supply of bitz.
The front:

There is still some work to do, like straightening out the axe handle and maybe adding an eye lens. But overall, I am pleased with it. The wires are the pewter ones from Dragon Forge. 

The Back:

The claw is from a meganob. The exhaust on the left is one of the weapon options for the IG Banewolf. 

It will be a bear to paint this guy, but I will do my best!

SC Mike

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Barter Anyone?

Friends, I am wondering if there is anyone who want to barter or sell either an army of Tyranids OR Sisters/Witchhunters/Greyknights or a combo of models from that range, mostly looking for the HUMAN models in that range, not the marnines

For trade I have almost complete battle boxes of Ogres or Warriors of Chaos, also many loose models and for the connaisseur, I have a model of Segeant Centurius, from the legion of the damned that runs about 60 dollars on Ebay.

Sales through Paypal are also cool. If you are interested, please drop me a line at mike dot tess at charter dot net

let me know!

PS: major update coming up on Traitor Guard/Inq28/Tyranids/Chaos Marines. I have been busy...

SC Mike