Thursday, February 7, 2013

Barter Anyone?

Friends, I am wondering if there is anyone who want to barter or sell either an army of Tyranids OR Sisters/Witchhunters/Greyknights or a combo of models from that range, mostly looking for the HUMAN models in that range, not the marnines

For trade I have almost complete battle boxes of Ogres or Warriors of Chaos, also many loose models and for the connaisseur, I have a model of Segeant Centurius, from the legion of the damned that runs about 60 dollars on Ebay.

Sales through Paypal are also cool. If you are interested, please drop me a line at mike dot tess at charter dot net

let me know!

PS: major update coming up on Traitor Guard/Inq28/Tyranids/Chaos Marines. I have been busy...

SC Mike


  1. Hey Mike what exactly are you looking for in nids? I have a very large Nid army and I can part with some of it. Some of it's painted and some of it's not? I would be looking for some bikes for my Ravenwing or money to purchase some.

  2. Hi Dahlberg,
    I prefer unpainted, built doesn't matter. Don't have any bikes, so paypal would have to do it. you can send me an image to mike dot tess at charter dot net

  3. Ok will do. I'll get to it later today when my munchkins go down for a nap.

  4. I've got a Inq retuine in pewter, painted but could easily be stripped from paint if you want to trade for some Warriors of Chaos?

  5. victor,
    what models do you have?

  6. I got this one:

  7. Victor, unfortunately that is the one set I do have...
    thanks for responding and good luck!

  8. Mike,

    Come take a look at my collection when you have a chance. I have a bunch of this stuff I could part with.