Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Cobbling together Chaos Terminators!

(click on image above for larger view)
This past weekend I enjoyed cobbling together 5 Chaos Terminators from the Assault on Black Reach set and my remaing Spacewolf bitz. All the models needed removal of all insignia. I didn't want to use standard Terminator heads, so I cut our the heads from the Black reach models, cut them in half and swapped out legs. Using Chaos bitz and Warriors of Chaos bitz I finalized the models. To give the shoulder pads more heft, I cut out plastic card rims.
Here they are
the one below I will count as a Reaper Autocannon, until I can actually find that bit and replace it.

I built one more, out of a Chaos Terminator Lord that SC John generously gifted me, and will show that one once all of them are painted. I will also add new barrel ends to the bolters.

SC Mike

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