Wednesday, February 13, 2013

More work in progress

I am working on a bunch of different things now, with Tyranids and Chaos on the forefront. Here is another Chaos Marine I finished up; an old metal plague marine. I worked on his fist for a while.

I have also been contemplating the whole INQ28 thing and put together a few models. I transformed a chaos cultist into a inquisitor retinue type heavy gunner (middle). I decided to paint these models different from what I normall do, which you can see down below.

I prime the model black and then use a light spray from one side. All the parts that are covered by the light spray, is what I will actually paint, the rest stays black or very muted. That way you get the shading to make it look a bit more dramatic.

Obviously, the witch hunter isn't done by a long stretch, but you kind of get the idea. You can see I added an empire wizard hand to make him a bit more myserious.

It's fun!

SC Mike


  1. Will you be using the Inquisitor and his retinue in a game of INQ28 or Inquisimunda, or is this just a fun side project?

    Regardless, they look very cool - appropriately grimdark.

  2. dai: I would love to play a game of inq28. Got the old inquisitor rulebook on Ebay and started painting models. Everything however is a side projects these days...