Sunday, February 17, 2013

Traitor Guard Update: tanks!

I told you I have been busy: here's more stuff I have done in the last 2 months or so..

Here's the Hellhound/Banewolf version. I decided to not create every weapon option for each version, instead I chose the coolest looking weapon option and will use it in games as any of the three variants.

You can see I added some stuff to the sides, completely unrealistic, but I think it looks great and it breaks up the design on the side a bit
On the back I replaced the standard cover completely and instead made it a bit more rugged. Using plastic square tubing, a jewelers chain and some old Chaos bit, I created a more traitorous looking back. I also added an exhaust and a couple of tow hooks

Here's an old Bishkek Russ, that use to live like the grand old dame but it was time to repaint this tank to give my guard a little more fire power

Since I got this model built, I never did any modifications to it, and I left it at that for this project.

SC Mike


  1. So, I know some of these tanks are from the ol' Bishkek 2nd; fluff-wise... are these traitor troops that used to be in the Bishkek 2nd, that have turned to Khorne now?

    (also, loving this project)

  2. I love the Hellhound/Banewolf conversion! Very slick!

  3. Esty, no I never had the idea that the Bishkek troops turned bad. The basing is different, these troops are working on a chem infested planet with all the yellow slime on the bases.
    I always had the idea of pitting my tau against the Bishkek and might still follow through on that.