Saturday, February 16, 2013

Traitor Legions update: Plague Marines through the ages

I built and painted a whole punch of plague marines and had a really good time with it. I was able to incorporate 3 generations of Nurgle Marines into the group, including the classic Jes Goodwin sculpt. Here's the family shot first. Doubleclick on the images to see it bigger..

Going back 25-30 years:

These models have a lot of character and a a joy to paint. These sculpts still have the absurd and funny to them, that the models nowadays miss-then it there was a lot of room for fun and laughter, whereas the models nowadays are so grim and serious. Anyway, I still have 10 of these old guys laying around and I will get to them eventually.

from the nineties:

The classic plague marine sculpts from Jes Goodwin. They are good looking, my favorite is the guy with the goggles. I only have these three from that period.

recent models, early 2000's

These are the current line of plague marines. They look gruesome and threatening. Their funny parts have been subdued and there is more gore. Still, great looking models and really fun to paint.

Battle for Macragge Marines turned Chaos

I picked up a cheap set of these recently and converted three to Chaos, to bulk up the ranks. With one Chaos shoulderpad and a rough paintjob, they look the part-i did cut off all the imperial signs. I am working now on converting Spacewolf Terminators into Chaos Terminators.

SC Mike


  1. Nice work Mike! I think the only ones you missed are the plastic ones that came out in the 90's... they had very static poses and were... well kind of "meh" as far as looks go.

    I really enjoyed seeing the older ones painted up!


  2. The Forge World ones are sick, and I love that Vraks list with all the zombies and drones.

  3. Unless I really missed something, the "90's" one with the plasma gun is from the 2000s set.

  4. i think you are right, I made a mistake. thanks for the observation