Sunday, April 14, 2013

Update on the ongoing projects: Ogres, Daemons and Empire!

This coming week I will throw some posts on since I was finally able to photograph a bunch of models. I have been working non stop on the different armies and the results have been fun. This first post will deal with my budding Ogre Army, which I had neglected for quite some time and recently found inspiration to start working on again.

Here is the army as it stands now:

The Giant has not been finished yet and I one of the Iron Guts isn't done. Everything else looks peachy.

Here's my latest purchase: an Iron Blaster. It's a beast to paint and it took me ages, but it's a good model to work on. I restrained myself by dividing the model up into many different parts and stick with those parts only.

There are loads of objects to paint on the back end...they take forever but it is a varied assortment..

Below you can see the band that the Ogre holds the gun with. That part comes into two halves with the seam right on the front where the little black thingie peeks out -greenstuff is required to not end up with a seam.

I decided against the tusks - I like the animal better with four nostrils, not just two..

The last week and a half I have been working on finishing a Iron Gut unit that I had started a year ago.
I specifically liked working on the Irongut with Magic Banner and lookout knoblar which is in the front middle:

My Ogre Army doesn't have any gnoblars, instead it has human slaves. So the lookout knoblar was made from the fleeing human out of the Giant kit. The poor sod is attached by some nasty contraption hooked into his back:

 I already have had fun bringing some of those slaves onto the bases: here are my counts as Mournfang...
and the Lead belchers

This coming monday I will play a 500 pt game with them, which will hopefully be the start of a sort-of-escalation series ending up with a still to buy Thundertusk!

Here's a link to all the Ogre articles I have done so far:

SC Mike


  1. Wow- really incredible painting on these. I've just found your site via another blog (Pyschosis PC's). I'm just about to start on my first ever WHFB army (Empire) and will be visiting your site for inspiration and tips. Best, Dean

  2. Looking great. Can't wait to get a game against them! Your armies are always so cohesive. I especially like the embellishments to the bases and models to add a little more personality and individuality to your force. Very nice work, what's next? -Jody (SCWH)

  3. thanks Jody! I will try to finish up the Giant and play more!