Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Fully Painted Traitor Guard for sale

I have decided to sell my custom built Traitor Guard (for IG rules) and hopefully find a good home for it. I have never played with them and the journey towards completion was more fun then playing games. Hundreds of hours and a lot of money went into this project and if someone is interested, please give me a respectful offer.

Here are the units:
Commanding officer plus Master of Ordnance (or whatever special guy you want him to be) 


Scratch built Heavy Weapons

As featured on Victoria Miniatures facebook page: captured good guys  made into penal squad with green stuff collars that blank their minds PLUS cool mech dog

Extensively modified Banewolf


Troops, total of 14 models like these, all kitbashed and individual, with two flamers like the one in the image

two sergeants

Custom built Storm Troopers or counts as another squad.

Counts as Vendetta

All the individual models have magnetic stickers to the bases, so they are easily transported.
The army is by no means complete and I always envisioned to be allied with Chaos Marines, of which I have a lot of painted models styled with the same swamp bases. But I haven;'t made up my mind letting go of those. I really want to find a good home for them!
For more on how all the builds went, click on the label Traitor Guard in the label list.

If you are interested, drop me a line my eemail   mike dot tess at charter dot.....net

SC Mike


  1. These will be a nice collection, especially the helicopter.

  2. hey guys thats very interesting!!!

  3. so is it already sold?

  4. this army has not been sold yet

  5. Hi, I realize that this post is getting quite old, but could you please tell me where the commander-model with the gasmask comeback from?

  6. I realize that this post is getting a bit outdated, but could you please tell me where the commander with the gasmask comes from?

  7. the commander is a complete model and comes from Full Borer Miniatures.