Monday, October 20, 2014

Painting: giving Inquisitor Coteaz a makeover!

In 2011, SC John and I ran a Top Ten of all Time models from Games Workshop. It was really a wonderful, but time consuming project in which we both dove into the Citadel model history and put 20 models (10 each) on our blog, counting down from 10 to 1. I still think fondly of it. John picked Inquisitor Coteaz as his number 10. And it should not be a surprise; in all the years before and after, this model has become a legend. It is timeless, has not aged one bit and looks the part of a bad ass Inquisitor perfectly. Here's what John said about him 3 years ago:

"Lord Coteaz
This guy has a giant hammer and a pet two headed giant cyber (Psyber) eagle, what's not to like? I always found the Daemon hunter retinues a bit odd looking, but this guy just looks like a bad mofo.
I always thought it would be cool to have an attack bird and I like the fur at the top of the cape, unless its not fur and its a bunch of crazy hair,.... then not so much."

Coteaz received a gold outfit from GW and over time, they have not really changed him and so on the battleboards there always are lots of gold Coteaz models. 

Fast forward
While rebuilding my Space Wolves after the Wolf Wing was made obsolete, I thought it would be cool to have an Inquisitor take charge of those ruffians from Fenris. In the end, the Inquisition trumps over everyone, including Logan and his wolves; they would have to bend the knee. Coteaz is the man for that job. Rules wise he can fit in as an HQ of an allied detachment, and he can be on his own, dishing out orders. But the gold would not do with the Spacewolves, so I gave him a more muted, hardcore look. He truly looks like he can look some tall Spacemarines in the eyes and tell them to get to work.
I painted the Eagles as California Golden Eagles, since we see those around once in a while.
I am not a great painter, but often times effective table top painting is based on a vision; coming up with a story line or idea before you start. In this case I came up with a little back story and then took steps to get there. It no Golden Demon, but I am pleased with the result. 

And here he is with a few of his minions....

And I would really invite all of you to re-read that top ten of all time. It's really a fun series! I kinda want to do it again! Here is the link: SCWH Top Ten models of all time

keep modeling!
SC Mike


  1. I haven't gotten around to painting him yet, but I gave him a Grey Knight helmet for when he was traditionally leading my GKs (who all have helmet on. They have the best helmets, so why not!). It's an easy swap, and it looks pretty fantastic!

    1. Sounds great! Maybe drop it on our facebook page if you have a good image