Thursday, November 6, 2014

40K, Bolt Action: creating great (but simple) terrain from resin scraps!

Allright, not all posts on this blog are life changing, mindbending, innovative. This post is a small, humble little ditty, but it's also old school Santa Cruz Warhammer: make some simple terrain, paint it up quick and dirty and use it the same day!
So you know how all the forgeworld models come with the resin feeder pieces still on the sprues. Here's an example:

I recently got some Contemptor Dreadnoughts, so I was left with a bag of those feeder pieces. They reminded me of roadblocks, tanktraps, or just little walls. So i figured to use them instead of throwing them out. I knicked the resin with knife, created some bullet holes and glued them to a base with some sand:

I gave it a quick, simple paint job and BEFORE the washes, added some decals, some from the Space Marine vehicle sheet, some from the Guard decal sheet:

Then wash, drybrush, wash, drybrush, until you get tired of it and call it a day:

The pieces that stick out look like rebar, rusting and nasty. And that's it! Use it in your 40k games:
or your Bolt Action games:

Below I used some of the pieces in a larger diorama:

In closing, this is the stuff that makes our hobby so great! Simple, cheap options to make your battlefield look a little better and having a quick, satisfying hobby project!

Hope it inspires!

SC Mike


  1. Great use of some stuff that we all have lying around.

  2. I had been thinking of doing the same thing. Thanks for showing how cool it can actually be done... now I know I will do it, and use these as reference to do it right ;o)

  3. Have done the same thing myself, although I trimmed off the top bits and slightly regret it seeing you turn them into rusty metal bits. In short, these look great, especially the hazard stripes and use of decals!

    1. thanks man! Yeah, but I broke many of those little topbits, trying to make them look more like rebar. hazard stripes and decals: the perfect poor man's choice to good modeling!