Monday, December 8, 2014

Using alternate barrels for a Kheres Assault Cannon

Recently I was able to own two Contemptor Dreadnoughts, unbuilt and fresh in the bag. One of them was a Relic Contemptor and I built him in a standard mode with the powerfist and a Meltacannon. He is being painted in white right now, as one of two Space Wolf contemptors.

But the other one, which will be painted blue, I wanted to build with the 'cheese cannons', the Mortis Contemptor with the double Kheres Assault Cannons.

image: Forgeworld

When I opened up the package, I wasn't too happy with the quality of the 6 barrels of the guns. Here's a shot of all the parts (not my parts - found it on google), and you can see that the barrels are not straight.

On my set it was similar - I tried working with it, but wasn't happy.

That's when I dug out some Evergreen Plastic rod of an appropriate diameter and cut off six equal lengths. Then I got to work, slowly but surely.

After twenty minutes of quiet and patient work, my alternative barrels were built and the gun looked great:, straight, tight and the barrels were just a tad fatter, which makes the cannon look more formidable.

Give it a try!

SC Mike


  1. Mike,
    Thanks for this. One of the reasons I have stayed away from Contemptors, is because that assault cannon has been brutal in some peoples builds. It's nice to see a fix for it! Looking forward to your build up!

  2. Well, thats not an official Forgeworld kit, so, you get what you pay for.

  3. actually, FW or not, it's the design that makes it tough. And the blogosphere is full of posts about modelers having trouble with the build. I just scanned a few and found this one from 2012

    he actually did the same thing I did.

  4. the rod is 2 mm and gluing them down is rough, so be patient.