Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Sprucing up your gaming!

Recently we started a new season of Blood Bowl 7's. Pezman has been running the league for us for 4 straight years now. Not only does he run the league, but he provides a weekly run down of stats (best thrower, most td's, most kills) and league standings.

I do my part to enrich the league experience by writing a bi-weekly newsletter for my team. But mine goes a bit deeper. My newsletter is produced like a school newsletter since my 7's team is supposed to be from the University of Greifswald - the Demi-Gryphs! Greifswald is my own made up Empire town in the mountains south of Nuln. (Yes, I know Greifswald is a real town in Germany!😊)

I include images, a student news sections, a classified ads section and more. Here is the latest issue:

Little touches like these go a long way to improving the overall gaming experience for everyone

Many of my league-mates can't wait for the next issue or even do back-stories, team bio's and newsletters of their own. It makes for a richer atmosphere and leads to intense, friendly rivalries!

I did a similar type of thing when I ran a large map-based Warhammer Fantasy campaign during the End Times. I had a weekly newsletter and each issue featured one of the campaign generals and their exploits! Here's a pic of the first page from Week 11 of the campaign - 
I hope I've inspired you! Keep up the good work!

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