We have a winner!

Another Santa Cruz Warhammer Give Away Winner!

My eldest daughter went to www.random.org and generated number 23, which was:

Grey Death!
He will get this amazing model sent to him! Let's hope he will keep us uptodate on what he's doing with it. Grey Death, send me a line at mike.tess@charter.net with your info.

Thanks all of you for leaving comments. There are so many fans of Seth out there, that I have decided to paint up this guy and Lemartes as well. These 4 models, all done by Juan Diaz, are brilliant. Diaz also did the boss of the White Scars, which is an awesome model as well. Check out Diaz!



  1. Big thanks to SCW for putting on so many of these giveaways. Really stoked to see I've got even a slight touch of luck left!

    Will keep you guys in the loop when I get the model finished!

  2. Can't wait to see it.

    Santa Cruz Warhamemr


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