Oldhammer: Citadel Dogs of War F2, 1987

 This weekend I finished a project that I have been working on for a while: a Mordheim Warband, comprised of all oldhammer minis. The last one was Bardach, an F2 Dogs of War fighter from 1987. I circled him in the adverstiment:

                                                                                                          image courtesy stuff of legends

Bardach is a wonderfully dynamic mini with a great face, a really active stance and great detail on the back side. I painted him in the same muted colors of red, brown and grey, just like all the other minis of the warband. The shield of course shows the colors of Altdorf, which is the where the warband's home base is. 

The mini was pretty much mint when I discovered in my piles of shame, and I honestly don't remember how I got it. I based him on the same hex base with the usual stuff. I based it on a hex on purpose, since that is to me a nice personal designation to the oldhammer character of the mini, I know that Mordheim requires round bases, but if I ever get around to playing the game, these guys will have to do.

Here's the whole gang, ready to hunt down some Wyrdstone in the streets of Mordheim. 

Interesting side note on Bardach, the fighter. In the same set of F2 fighters, there is also Gunther, who has the same body, but a different head. I love to see how they fleshed out ranges back in the day with minimal work. By positioning the head different, you really change the mini a lot, since most people would model him facing forward and that changes the whole view of it. 
image courtesy lost minis wiki

Hope this all inspires!

SC Mike