Modeling Archive

Santa Cruz Warhammer has been posting high quality work since November 2007. In order to make this massive cache of modeling goodness available to everyone, we are creating a modeling archive on this page. It's a work in progress and will be updated slowly.

Hyper detailing your 40K vehicles
Making rivets with greenstuf
Great camo technique for Tau vehicles
Desert Camo for Valkyrie
Weathering armor with hairspray

Modeling Slime and Gore

Building your Models
Gluing metal models with accelerator

Stamping your own bases with green stuff
make your warhammer bases into little dioramas
Micro Arts Urban Rubble bases

The easiest brush holder ever
Using Photoshop to preview Tau Vehicle Paint scheme
Painting real rust, the easy way

A fun way to watch your models burn!
Make your battle/gaming photos look like professional art

Using molds and plaster to make your terrain rocky hills
Making terrain the old (but great) GW way
How to make sandbags from green stuff

Alternatives to GW models
Fenryl monster as Chaos (40k) Demon
Victoria Miniatures for Imperial Guard Penal Squad
Green stuff with a film cannister makes a Chaos Hell Cannon
Fenryl Carniverous Plants for Nurgle Power Fist/Daemon Claw
Avatars of War Dwarf Slayer
Avatars of War Orc Warboss
Robogear kit as Ork Warbuggy