Sunday, July 27, 2008

Christian's Birthday Battle

In a celebration of Christian's (our anonymous 3rd SCW-member) annual aging, (and also to celebrate the fact that he will always be older then the rest of us) an Apocalyptic Clash.

In an unlikely alliance, Mike's Orks and my Dark Angels joined forces to go up against the unholy union of Jake's (Christian's brother) Traitor Marine and Christian's Guard.

16000 (8000 each) points of giant table crowding superheavies desperately duked it out over a battle torn city to take control of vital objectives.

The Orks were surprisingly eager to join forces, perhaps all the Dark Angels big green things induced visions of Gork (or Mork), the promise of big explosions or post victory debris to be looted, or even the chance to show some Humies how to smash stuff proper, was enough to overcome years of hatred and violence.

With new rules books in hand, we set out to rid the the planet of the Chaos invaders , and put Mike's Ork Superheavies to work.

Mike's Trojan Horse, Giant Squiggoth and Stompa all make great lascanon magnets while my stuff moved around unnoticed.

After a full day of fighting for glory and bumbling along with the new rules (or was it fighting over the new rules and bumbling along for glory) we were able to complete 2 turns.
We are determined to finish this game and will play later this week in the evening and will probably need one more evening to finish the whole thing off.

proof of Christian's Chaos Possession

The Stompa somehow still standing as a Predator burns. The Stompa must have taken 7 or 8 penetrating hits but no one rolled the needed 5 or 6 to finish the behemoth off. It still lives!

Stompa before being immobilized in the first turn.

Chaos marines advancing.

Orks high above the crowded battlefield.

Baneblade's eye view of the Giant Squiggoth


  1. The last photo is the best!
    Only 2 turns?

  2. Two turns or not, it sounds like a blast!