Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tha Ork HeliChoppa!

Yes, I did steal this conversion idea entirely from Teek, a great Ork Scratchbuilder whose Defkopta conversion...

...won him a prize at a recent DakkaDakka contest. Teek is great, more of his work you can find here
I know I can't do such a refined job as this one and in the end, that's OK. I build like Orks do: ramshackle stuff with whatever I can get my hands on, as long as it looks it could have some function.
Anyway, I needed my entire bitz box to find pieces that would work. I cut off the entire rocket battery, it made more sense to me to have those be higher. There really should only be two rockets anyway, you get one shot twinlinked right?
The base is made from plaster.
The tail is made from a couple of sprue pieces and cardboard and all kinds of other little bitz. You Ork players: note that I had to cut the entire back off to make it look more balanced.
the Buzzsaw, made from an old carwheel and some plastic card. Car Models work great for Ork Scratchbuilding!
A view from the back..
I spent a lot of time painting it and painted the front, the main chassis and the pilot's head all separate.
I painted this helichoppa yellow, like the other Ork Fightaplanes that I have (see here for the Fighta Bomma and here for a scratchbuilt Fighta).
Here are those Rockets!
Fun stuff and thanks Teek for the inspiration. That's what these blogs are all about!


  1. What an awesome example of Orkiness. It looks so cool, and exactly how the Orks would do it... Find shinies, nail shinies, shoot shinies. Great stuff

  2. That is great. I really like the hunter killer missile thruster.

  3. What a great conversion.

    I do the same thing too sometimes, see something that someone else did and the try and recreate it myself.

    Nice job on this one.

  4. still a nice Defkopta conversion.

  5. Excellent job! I get inspiration from a lot of other ork players out there in the 'verse, so it's great to know that my work is inspiring to others too. You should post your work on DakkaDakka as well!

    You've done a great job on the chopper, I dig the hunter-killer Rokkit. Keep up the good work!