Saturday, April 11, 2009

A Forgeworld Mystery...

I am intrigued about something quite random, but intrigued I am nevertheless. John found an old Forgeworld Grot Rokkit in a box he bought at the fleamarket and gave it to me to paint up and do something fun with. After painting it I showed it to our buddy Christian, who had just bought a new Grot Rokkit from the LA Bunker. Strange thing is that the models are different. The checkerboard on the wings has been changed. On the Forgeworld website it shows the Grot Rokkit the way Christian has it and on Google I haven't been able to find my version. I thought Forgeworld only had done 1 version of this model. Does anyone know? Here are the images to show the difference.
Here's mine....
here's Christians..

Except for the wings, the models are identical. Christian added the gunsight. Here are the bottoms:

Here is one more image: I kept the color scheme the same as with my other flyers.

Let me know if you have the answer and share it with our readers


Later added:
In the comments, Wayne saw right away that my rokkit was not put together correctly, hence the different wings. I quite like it this way, however I am embarassed I didn't solve the puzzle myself. So in the end I don't have that one special one-of-a-kind sculpt that Forgeworld produced that one time....good job Wayne! Next post will feature the kitbashed wartrakk that I will use to launch this thing


  1. The wings are just glued on wrong on your model. If they had been glued on the opposite sides and turned you'd have the same model.

  2. I think Wayne has solved the mystery. I think the model's wings were just turned around in typical Orky fashion. :)

  3. wayne: damn! I think you are right. Good eye on that. Since I never put one together I didn't even know the model came in separate pieces since it's so small.
    Good job!
    Mike at SCW

  4. I'm just wondering what other GW treasures might have been around the junk at that flea market?