Monday, April 13, 2009

Mix up the Grot Rokkit launcha with your warbuggy!

A year ago I built some warbuggies out of a defunct Russian toy called Robogear. Here is that post I built 4 of them but only painted one. Now I finished the 2nd one and added the option of it carrying a Grot Rokkit into battle instead of the twinlinked rokkits.
Here are some pictures:
I magnetized the rokkit so I can easily swap it out for the rokkits (they really shoot, not pictured, see original post). And yes, the launcher swivels.

The paintjob was straightforward with a few details and lots of washes.

Try to find some of this Robogear stuff, it is easily converted and looks great on the battlefield.
Hope this inspires!


  1. That looks excellent! Very orky indeed.

  2. Yeah, thats an awesome conversion mate, very good job!

  3. Love the grot rockit reentry boosters! Nice conversion, nice model.

  4. I really like the conversion you've done there, inspires me to go and start converting my Rhino's. I mainly got into this hobby for the painting, and a bit of gaming, now I seem to be leaning towards the converting and gaming.

    It's stuff like this that gets the mind working.


  5. That is awesome. It looks like it belongs too which is great. Good work. :)

  6. Very cool, I remember seeing these when you posted them long ago.

    You say the rockit is an option... are they interchangeable with other weapon configurations?

  7. thanks all for the kind words.
    Ron: yes the it is interchangeable. You can take the rokkit off and pop two little rokkits in the tubes. There are springs in it that click the rokkits tight. On top is a button that releases the spring and boom!, there they go. I have been trying to hit some IG men that way which annoys my buddies to no end..
    Anyway, click on the old post in the article and you will see the rokkits (unpainted) in their tubes.
    Mike at SCW

  8. Great conversion. and LOL @ the normal issue rockets actually firing like a G.I.Joe missile. You get SO many extra points for that! haha.

  9. Very cool. I do enjoy the ork feel of bashing shit together.

  10. Robogear isn't Russian. It may be rubbish but its British rubbish - by airfix

    You can pick up the stuff cheap on eBay since Airfix went bust. It is great for the parts.


  11. John Lambshead: Airfix was the publisher but the manufacturing was done by a company called Technolog, here is the Russian site:

    They produced the stuff, Airfix tried to sell it in the west. There is not much more I could find out, but yes, Ebay is the place for that stuff