Monday, September 7, 2009

GW models or not? Part 2

Last week we got a lot of feedback on this post, which delved into the questions about using non- GW models. Most of the commenters said they always had their eyes open for great models, which made me very happy! Although GW does a good job and for instance the new Space Hulk models have received glowing reviews, there is still a lot or originality and dynamics lacking in their model range. To fill that gap, a lot of smaller companies are giving talented sculptors a chance to create cool stuff. Last week I used a French resin model from Fenryll, today I wanted to show you an amazing sculpt from Spain, made by Gamezone Miniatures. Its called a Vampire Counts Mournful Knight Hero:
At first I was just going to paint it because I loved the model. But after being busy with IG, I suddenly got inspired to make small changes. After seeing Dave Taylor be so busy with his Blood Pact, I settled on a Blood Pact Cultist Rough Rider It must have been the easiest conversion I have done in a long time.
Using the dynamic pose of the original, adding my favorite Empire Flagelant head...
and replacing the sword with a long lance, it became a powerful looking model.
I used a base that sloped down to give the horse even more visual dominance.

The length of the lance was important. It balances out nicely with the long front of the base and makes it look formidable at the same time. I decided not to add explosives to the tip of the lance, I don't think it would look good. The tip is from the sword of the GW metal Terminator Captain.

Here is the painted version:
The backpack, painted. On a how-to on this back pack, click here
The horse sculpt is crazy, I mean it looks really creepy and fits in perfectly with the Cultist look.
I positioned the horse slightly off, to make the rider the center of the model, not the horse. It looks like he has problems keeping his ride under control.
Gamezone doesn't have a real website, which is strange, but you can find their range here
Their models are truly astounding and I consider them the absolute finest and number 1 in metal models. They only do Fantasy though, so you should think outside the box if you want to use their stuff in 40K. I invite every one to check out their work, like the Wood Elves Eagle or the amazing Empire Knights..

The base was from Dark Arts Miniatures.

In closing: for me it's so much harder to come with the idea of the conversion then the actual work of changing the model. I am always on the lookout for different models and trying to convert them into stuff we can use in our games. Sometimes it takes me ages to look at a model before I suddenly know what I should do with it. The Gamezone model I bought 9 months ago and hadn't really touched. It's good to be patient. Best Advice I can give you: when you see a model you like, just buy it. If you are not ready to convert it right away, there will come a moment that you WILL know what to do.



  1. That is one excellent looking miniature! I checked out the company after reading this, they have such a large catalog, and a lot of kickass minis. Cheers for introducing me to them!

  2. That is pretty frikkin' sweet my friend. I could definitely think of some uses for that jester head though...

  3. you can find some of their sculpts for bretonnians on ebay from time to time, they are just increadible, i really fancied some once but I chickened out cos i wanted like ten and i would have been spending around £50

  4. the jesterhead is actually NOT the head of the knight, it's the head of one of his victims. The knight's head is right underneath.

  5. I've been toying with models myself. I've got a Callidus Assassin that I'm using that's based off a Dark Ages model. It turned out well, with a C'tan Phase Sword made out of one of those little plastic toothpick swords.

    I'd put some pictures here, but I can't figure out how, so... I guess to my itty-bitty blog if you want a picture. *shrug*

  6. Good posts.

    Just one thing that made me flinch.

    "I consider them the absolute finest and number 1 in metal models."

    While some of the sculpts indeed are very cool, the casting is utter tosh. The surface of the metal is pitted and uneven, and multi-part minis need a hell of a lot of gap filling to fit together.

    Just wanted to get that out there! :)


  7. Moribund: I am sorry and should have been more clear, I find their designs to be superior, I don't have enough knowledge about their casting process.