Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Remembering the Titans, Pt. II Warhound

This is a follow up to my earlier Titan post here.

I also have had this guy kicking around for a while, and threw him in with the last batch of painted second hand models that needed to be stripped and redone.

From this angle he looks big, but this guy is shorter than a terminator.

I twisted him around a bit to give him a more dynamic running pose.

There is a small casting imperfection on his right back so I made it look like a shell had hit there.

Here he is with his buddy from the other post.

Now I want to make more, I think I have an old set of rules around here somewhere.



  1. Takes me back this. ... oh those Epic days.

  2. Ive have been constantly plagued by the need to get the forge world version, but seeing what can be done with epic model ,as well as sorting out the storage problem, you might have just convinced me to try and get hold of one, do you know any where that still does them?

  3. I used to play Epic 40,000 which was years after the original Epic, but I still faced these monsters and loved every minute of it. I wish I still had the redone Warlord for Epic 40,000. It was an amazing model.

  4. epic was a game i always wanted to try, never got into any of the main systems but blood bowl was my true love. nice stuff on here man, look forward to seeing more!