Friday, November 27, 2009

The Bishkek 2nd Valkyrie: Part 6: I am done with this!

Just letting you know right away: I am done with working on large models like the Valk for a while. With the Manticore and the Valkyrie I have had great fun and I have learned a lot, especially using the ForgeWorld modeling book. But in order to be a great modeler, you have to have lots of stamina, stick with it, do the best all the time, the whole way and never letting your guard down. And in that I failed. I had the same with the Manticore, in the end I just finished it as quickly as I could. Same thing happened this time. I worked so hard on the camo and the weathering and when that was done, I kind of wanted to stop. I didn't but now the end result feels like a letdown. Don't want to make anyone sad, but you all know what I am talking about, the fatigue that the likes of Dave Taylor don't seem to suffer from.

Anyway, here are the final pictures of the Valk. Be prepared, I do have a lot to show (and complain about).
Topshot. I worked hard on the exhaust soot, not just on the roof, but also on the back wings.....
and the inside parts:
I also worked on the soot of the wing engines
Here are the wings. The muck on this part of the wing is the fuel cap leaking while flying through dust chem storms
The other wing
keeping the weathering under control is so hard to do, its pretty aggravating. I should probably just build chaos vehicles where you can go all out. Then again, a workhorse like this should get battered up pretty badly in the desert.
Here's the Bishkek 2nd number
On to the pilots. The cockpit is challenging to finalize and I had to use all kinds of clamps and rubber bands to make it work, but it did. It was great fun painting the pilots and the interior.
inside the navigators spot
It's really hard not to mess up the 'glass'. You can see I failed to do it well, see glue in the left bottom corner of the front part of the cockpit. When that happened I was really disappointed, because I had kept the glass safe for the entire time of building, in the end a little too much glue will just push you over the edge.
and the other side, pilot has his red insignia on his arm
Here's the inside. I had to shave off a bit of the cockpit frame to make the roof come off easily.
I made the guns movable on their arms, but also on their own axis, so the heavy bolters can shoot forward, dramatically increasing the shooting arc of the guns....
And here is the base:
The stand for the plane is a prototype that I received from Dragon Forge Design to try out and see if I liked it. YES, I love it, this stand is way more robust and handy then the GW one plus it looks better. The base come separate and is great. Jeff doesn't have this thing online but if you all leave comments he might speed things up a bit, maybe we can even do a Give Away with one of them...
Here's the piece that goes under your plane
And this is what it looks like
and the final images
A keen observer might have noticed the lack of ammo. I couldn't get myself to finish that part up, but I will in the very near future, magnetized of course.

Thanks for following me on this weathering journey. My next model will be a Dwarf.


  1. man, that looks really nice. i really wanna get back into painting and gaming but just finding it so expensive. such a nitemare!

  2. very nice work. the kit can be a struggle and I know you went back n forth a bit while you were painting it but you definately came out with something you can be proud of.

  3. I agree with the above, it turned out quite well and looks like something I might have painted myself.

  4. I can understand annoyane at all the 'little flaws' you find in your work, but I think the thing looks pretty stunning.

    I also agree that a workhorse in the desert is gonna get very, very nasty. It's nice to see a paint scheme with the mindset of "...and we're really gonna spend time to clean that?!"

    Alternatively, you could have a clean army with no antennaes, because they just drove them into a pit and hit them with high-pressure water. It'd make a good story for an army that never passed orders.

  5. This has been a wonderful series of posts. I look forward reading about whatever project you do next!

  6. Very nice. I like the attention to detail.

  7. Well finally! But it was all worth it in the end right? I dont know if I like the insignia on the wings though but I really loved the camoflauge.

    Thats pretty cool that dragonforge some of the other companies give you stuff for free, how do I sign up? I really love dragonforge's valkyrie base, i'm sure that it will be a sellout if the sell it. Great design and way more stylish.

    Well, toodles.

  8. Really great piece of work. All the more so that you put so much time into it.

    I'm painting the inside of a Valkyrie prior to assembly, and already I feel your pain. Every time I say, time to put it together, I find one more thing that needs to be done. your work inspires me to keep going.

  9. Fantastic work (expecially the insignia on the wings), and stunning weathering..
    also good looking base..

    I love your last ig minis and someday i'll buy that forgeworld book..