Saturday, February 20, 2010

Barter Bucket: Saturday, February 20th, 2010

Welcome to week four of the Barter Bucket v2.0! The Barter Bucket continues to power forward, picking up steam along the way. We need your help to spread the word on your own blogs, the details are here, and for an excellent tutorial to barter bucketing, check this guide out!

I'm your host, Mik of the aptly titled blog, Mik's Minis. I devised the bucket to be all about gamers helping gamers and I'm very excited it has found a place to call home here at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

The ground rules are pretty simple. You send me an email of what you are looking for, need, or just looking to get rid of to "". I will then post the requests here each Saturday morning at Santa Cruz Warhammer. Please have your emails to me by no later than the Thursday of that week so I have enough time to compile everything. Tell your friends, bring the family!

If you see an item below you are interested in, or can help someone else out with, please contact the individual directly via their email address. Now, on to this week's bucket!
is looking for the following:
  • has AoBR Orks, is looking for Iron Hands shoulder pads and various icons
  • has Space Marine transfer sheets (x12) is looking for Iron Hands bits
  • has plastic "classic" Genestealers (x6) to also trade is looking to get rid of some metal Orkness:
  • Ork Deff Dredd (metal, x2)
  • Ork Killa Kan (metal, x9) needs the following:

  • Witch Hunters / Sisters of Battle decal sheets (any)
  • plastic Dire Avenger helmets (any)
  • Chaos Rhino turret bits w/ bolter
needs the following Praetorian guard:
  • (x37) guardsmen w/ lasguns
  • (x4) sergeants
  • (x1) flamer
  • (x2) lascannon crew
  • (x1) heavy bolter loader
  • (x2) autocannon loaders
  • (x2) "sitting" gunners
  • (x1) officer
  • (x1) standard bearer
  • (x2) buglers
is keeping his fingers crossed with these needs:
  • Space Marine Vanguard metal jumppack (x7)
  • Space Marine Chaplain metal jumppack (x3)
  • Space Marine Ironclad Dreadnought melta-gun (x1)
  • Space Marine bike Chaplain "fairing" (metal front bit, x5)
  • Witchhunter Penitent Engine pilot (x1)
  • OOP Witchhunter Exorcist metal front & sides
  • Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnaught Chainfist arm (x2)
  • Forgeworld Nurgle Dreadnaught Lascannon arm (x2)
  • Forgeworld Ultramarines Dreadnought banner (x1)
  • Eldar Dire Avenger back banners (x5)
  • OOP Night goblin flipping "the bird" (x3)
  • OOP Genestealer Magus w/ staff in left hand (x1)
is me, and I'm also crossing my fingers, looking for:
  • has latest Chaos Space Marine codex, wants latest Space Marine codex
  • has NIB Chaos Space Marine Daemon Prince, wants NIB Space Marine assault squad
  • has NIB Space Wolves Rune Priest, wants NIB Space Marine scout biker
is wanting for any Space Wolves and has these to trade:
  • Grey Knights (x10) and WHFB Empire Swordsmen (x9)
  • over sixty Lord of the Rings models, troops and characters, email for details
is looking to trade WHFB for just about any 40k:
  • set of Dwarf miners, in various states
  • (x6) Skinks with blowpipes/spears
  • (x2) High Elf riders with horses
  • looking for ANY 40k, preferably Tau
has lots of ork stuff for trade and is looking for:
  • OOP Imperial Guard models, any
  • metal Nurgle models, any
is new to the bucket and looking for:
  • "Animal", the melta gunner from the Imperial Guard Gaunt's Ghosts pack
  • the juve with sickle and stub gun from Necromunda House Escher

That's all for today, see you next week! Keep those email requests coming!


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