Saturday, April 17, 2010

Barter Bucket: Saturday, April 17th 2010

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket!

Special thanks this week go to Chris "Biscuit" Miller from the Minions of the Monster Master podcast for designing us a new barter bucket logo. Thanks Chris!

I'm your host, Mik of Mik's Minis. The Barter Bucket is for all of us; gamers helping out other gamers, bits trading here and there, specific parts needed for a conversion, and the like. It has found an excellent home here at Santa Cruz Warhammer.

The bucket runs on readers like you to keep it going, so get those requests in and get those bits flying through the post around the globe! To learn how to support the bucket on your own blog with a banner button, look here for the details, a 'feel good' editorial on the bucket is here, and for an excellent tutorial to barter bucketing, check this guide out!

The ground rules are pretty simple. You send me an email of what you are looking for, desperately need, or are just looking to get rid of to "", make sure it's in list form with plenty of detail. The more detail the better, if you're getting rid of Orks for example, tell me what kind, how many, etc. I will then post the requests here weekly each Saturday morning at Santa Cruz Warhammer, and the post will stay up for one week. Please have your emails to me by no later than Thursday of that week so I have enough time to compile everything, get it edited and formatted in time for the Saturday post.

If you see an item below you are interested in, or have extra bits about and can help someone else out, please contact the individual directly via their listed email address. Sometimes they're just looking for a single piece or two, you'd be surprised what all you can find laying around taking up space. Remember, change comes from within.....your bits box!

Now, on to this week's bucket!
___________________________________________ is a bucket first timer! He needs:

  • Ungor Heads (any)
  • Tau Legs (any)
  • Melta Guns (any)
for trade, he has:
  • AoBR complete Orks, assembled, without Warboss
  • Ork Trukks, in various stages of assembly (x2)
  • Ork Battlewagon
  • IG bits and pieces, too numerous to list all
is doing a robogear conversion and needs:
  • Ork trukk driver
  • Ork glyphs and/or gubbinz
  • Stowage
  • Deff Dredd CCW arm/arms (any type)
and has for trade:
  • Assault on Black Reach Space Marines
  • money; cold, hard cash
has got mortar fever, bad! For the cure, he needs:

  • mortar teams (x15)
  • any Imperial Guard Krieg models, including HQ
  • SM biker arms (x2 complete pairs)
he has the following in exchange to trade away:
needs the following:
  • Chaos Rhino tank hatches, pintle mount, combi-bolter
  • Sisters of Battle decal sheets
and has these items to trade away:
  • various Space Marine bits
  • various Eldar bits has some specific needs:
  • WHFB Goblin Fantatics (metal)
  • WHFB Goblin riders on Squigs
  • any Empire metal models, OOP is great
  • any Gorka Morka stuff
  • Necromunda figs
  • Inquisitor figs
  • Adeptus Titanicus figs
  • Dwarf characters (any)
  • Imperial Guard sitting men on tank
to trade away he has the following surplus:
  • many, many 40k Orks
  • Flagellant sprues MINUS the torsos (have robes), arms and bald heads
  • Goblin Skarsnik (not with Gobbla)
  • Captain Sicarius from AoBR
  • Ork commandos (metal)
is so close to finishing his Deathwatch team and needs:
  • Space Marine legs (x10 pairs)
  • SM torso, back half only (x3)
  • SM double mag pouches (x5)
  • SM torsos, both halves, any style (x8)
  • SM running assault legs (x2 pairs)
  • SM Deathwatch shoulder pad, metal or plastic (x1)
  • SM Terminator torso only, any chapter, newest style, both halves (x1)
  • SM shoulder pads with embossed chapter icons, ANY chapter (x12 total, but only I need one of each design/chapter)
is in need of the following things:

  • SM Scout sniper bipods
  • Forgeworld Elysian drop trooper heads (any state)
  • Forgeworld Elysian drop trooper guns (any state)
for trade he has to offer:
  • Black Templar bits
  • cake; scrumptious, moist cake
That's all for today, see you next week! Keep those email requests coming!



  1. Ok mike you are doing a great job with the barter bucket I have eye those ork trucks that I need.

  2. Mike ..... I added your link on my page. I hope some take advantage of the system ..... nice to see gamers supporting each other


  3. Thanks to Mik, we are going strong on the Barter Bucket. I myself have had many satisfying deals, last one being a Forgeworld Fighta Bomma for Spacehulk, both items that had little value for the owners but great fun for the new owners.

    Thanks for all the support!
    Santa Cruz Warhammer