Saturday, April 24, 2010

Barter Bucket: Saturday, April 24th 2010

Welcome to the Santa Cruz Warhammer Barter Bucket!

The Barter Bucket is for all of us; gamers helping out other gamers. It runs on readers like you to keep it going, so keep those requests coming in and get those bits flying around the globe! To support the bucket on your own blog with a banner button, click here for the details, for a 'feel good' editorial on the bucket look here, and finally for an excellent tutorial to barter bucketing, check this guide out!

Here's the ground rules: Send me an email of what you are looking for, or are looking to get rid of to: "". Please make sure your request is in list form with plenty of detail. If you're getting rid of Orks for example, tell me what kind, how many, etc. I will then post the requests here each Saturday morning, which will stay up for one week. Please have your emails to me by no later than Thursday of that week so I have enough time to compile everything, get it edited and formatted in time for the Saturday post's deadline.

If you see an item below you are interested in, or have extra bits and can help someone else out, please contact the individual directly via their email address. Sometimes they're just looking for a single piece or two, you'd be surprised what all you can find laying about just taking up space. Remember, change comes from within...your bits box!

Now, on to this week's bucket!
___________________________________________ is looking for the following:
  • IG Catachan Jungle Fighter grenade throwing arm (x5)
to trade for these muscular frag throwing devices he has:
  • Space Marines sprues
  • Genestealer/Tyranid sprues
  • WHFB Lizardman sprues
  • WHFB Empire sprues
  • assorted bits, just ask
  • cash, cold hard cash
  • Wants Space Marine legs (x10), Has SM Scout Squad (x5, on sprue)

  • Ungor Heads (any)
  • Melta Guns (any)
for trade, he has:
  • AoBR complete Orks, assembled, without Warboss
  • Ork Trukks, in various stages of assembly (x2)
  • Ork Battlewagon
  • IG bits and pieces, too numerous to list all
is looking for the following:
  • WHFB Gor or Ungor figures (any)
  • WHFB / 40K Chaos bits (any)
  • Imperial Guard figures (any)
and for trade he has these choice fix 'er uppers:
  • Space Marine Dreadnought with total of three weapon arms, will require stripping
  • Space Marine Chaplain, metal body on base, missing plastic arm, will require stripping
  • Space Marine MkVI metal trooper with plasma gun, will require stripping
  • Sisters Repentia, will require stripping (x3)
  • WHFB OOP Skeleton arms and weapons still on sprue with other bits
That's all for today, see you next week! Keep those email requests coming!


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  1. I will take care of the first two.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer