Thursday, August 26, 2010

Hordes of Vormond: the White Grave Guard is Finished

With John being full of inspiration after attending Games Day 2010 in Baltimore and filling up the blog with his great stories, it gave me some breathing room to finish up these bad boys: the Hordes of Vormond Grave Guard.

As I told you before, the white robes worked out well and I stuck with it. Sorry for the bad pictures; I tried my hand on having an extra slave flash behind the models to give them a 'hairlight' but it made the mithril silver highlighting on the armour blow out.

Anyway, here are the singles:
the trio:
the quartet:
In real life they look very happy and I am pleased with the way the basing worked out in a group of ten, they really seem to climb over a little hill to reach the enemy.
I am having a blast with this army and am racing through it for some reason. The counts are pretty cool...


  1. they look great! I like the white cloaks with the unit, it keeps them from looking too dark