Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Terrain From Junk Contest Entry

I entered my Cat Bowl outpost in the current Terrain From Junk contest.

Swing by and vote for your favorite entry. Someone is going to win some swag.

If you have not checked out this site, please do, as there are some great ideas for making some inexpensive terrain for your games.



  1. I didn't think to submit terrain I'd already done. I'll add a vote for ya!

  2. lol. Way to leverage the popularity of your blog to obliterate the contest.

    chaos bastion (chris)
    5 (13%)

    tau bastion (thomas)
    4 (10%)

    catbowl outpost (john)
    29 (76%)

  3. Nick,

    Thanks for the concerned comment, I am sorry if I have upset you, and I hope you feel better about it soon.

    I actually never planned on entering, I submitted it as a tutorial, and was asked to enter.

    in that email, I was also asked to link to the contest "feel free to encourage folks to visit and vote" as were the other entries.

    In this post you will notice I told people to vote for me or who ever they like most.

    I like to think that our reader base would vote for their favorite entry and not just blindly follow me as some sort "payment" for being a reader of our site.

    I guess it would have been a bit more objective to not mention which model was mine, but my readers have seen the cat bowl outpost, and the entries have our names on them.

    Also, perhaps the cat bowl outpost is just awesome, and the pics are well photographed.

    The real reason to link to it is that it is a great blog and could use more traffic, you know these contests are about getting traffic to the site, if it comes from our reader base, great, if they like this blog, they might also enjoy Terrain From Junk.

    As for the prize, if I win, it will be regifted through our blog, (with a link to TFJ, which I hope sends more traffic)

    If you would like to further discuss this for any reason, I invite you to email me using the link on the top left of the blog, unless you would like to continue to leverage the popularity of my blog to try and frag me.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  4. I think that the community is smart enough to make their own choices. John put up a sharp looking piece of terrain and I think it shows. It's a fairly simple piece to assemble and paint, but that's its strength. I think Tristan was trying to get people to make good looking terrain simply and with materials that are readily at hand.

    If people like John's piece, so be it... they just have bad taste :) If you like my piece, cool (the Chaos bastion is mine).

    At any rate, everyone wins. For us entrants, it gets us thinking and working to make new things. I finally had the reason to use old for sale signs (poor man's plasticard) and see how they stand up against plasticard from GF9 (it does. I doubt that I will ever buy plasticard again save for really thick stocks).

    It's just the internets, nothing to get worked up about.

    -Chris (aka. Warmaster Primus & another contest entrant)

  5. Don't let him get to you John, it's getting votes because it's a great piece. Your readers aren't zombies. :)

  6. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm brrrrains!

    Sorry. Couldn't help myself.