Friday, September 17, 2010

My Road to Golden Demon 2011, Part 3

After finishing the old Arbite, I started working on the Winged Vampire Lord, the main guy in my Hordes of Vormond. I saw an image in the White Dwarf of a paintjob by Anya Wettergren and it blew me away. Here's that guy:

So I figured I would try my hand on the armour. But I realized soon that I am not up to the task; the model is hard to paint, awkwardly positioned and lot's of tiny details that I want to gloss over and don't have the patience for. So I scrapped that idea. Then I realized that for my blending practice, I should use the wing instead, nice and big and with lots of room to work. Using a wet palette and about 2.5 hours in total I came up with this:
It still looks a bit dirty and not nearly as clean as Wettergren's model, but I do feel good about it. The photos alway look worse anyway.

I tried to go from purple to bleached bone, making the contrast between the two really obvious.

After the wing I wanted to quickly finish the guy off, so I can start working on my Knight of Bal Timorea, but looking at the cape I figured I could do a bit more fancy footwork. I painted red with a fat green wash over the top. On one side I am working it up to orange, on the other side I am keeping it dark and shaded. Not done, but trying to formulate ideas. It's not easy.
Thanks ALL of You for commenting and giving tips, I have looked at it ALL and love the feedback from painters with more experience.



  1. I really like it. The pinky red where the thin flesh of the wing meets the bone and muscle of his arm looks quite thin ; like it is a thin layer of flesh. I like it. Keep up the good work!

  2. Great job on the wing and the cloak, keep it up!