Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mike's Knight of Bal Timorea, part 2

Hey! Where are all our fellow Knights of Bal Timorea? Wait, we are trying to inspire you all to paint up a knight for this wonderful idea that John had a while back. Click here for the details.
Anyway, here's the horse. I went for orange as the main color. My family doesn't have a weapon and I am an immigrant from the Netherlands, so I figured it should be the color of the Dutch Royal Family, which is orange.
Here's a picture of the official Dutch Weapon
and the way most of the world knows (after the last World Cup Soccer this summer, hehehe)
So I figure I will try to make the lion white on the black background. I am trying to paint it, but maybe I will use the Santa Cruz Warhammer way with photoshop and decals to make this work
I have a lot of fun painting this model, definitely out of my comfortzone (which is good once in a while) and I am trying the go for the ragged and worn look. Blending up top and glazing on the dirty parts of the cloth, trying to bring down highlights in a realistic way. The rest of the horse hasn't been weathered yet, the hooves definitely need more dirt etc.

All in all I am having fun (and so could you!)

Here's Johns Post with info on custom decals from England



  1. I broke out my horse last night.
    I am so far behind it's crazy. My Daughter is picking out the color of the horse though since she's the resident expert at home. She may be picking the colors for the knight out as well.

    From the Warp

  2. I'm loving the choice of orange on your knights horse. My only suggestion would be a glazing of orange thinned 15-20 parts water to 1 part orange to tie the layers together and remove the harshness of the highlight. Overall it's a great color scheme so far.

    Kris (aka Elbrun)
    Painters Sanctuary