Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Bishkek 2nd Basilisk: part 3, gun detailing & the bunker build

I have been able to do some more work on the Bishkek 2nd Basilisk Battery. After finishing the initial build, I did some minor detailing. Mostly I worked on the back lid of the barrel. In part 2 you can read about my concerns with the original GW design. Here's how I fixed it:
I added the top hinge and used the original back lid, added some rivets; it made the whole thing pretty believable. Because the GW design is not meant to have the lid be open, the model doesn't have detailing inside. I added an old rim from the bitzbox to give some tightness and detail. Also rivets on that part. Lastly I added a turning mechanism that helps the crew push the shell into position.
Some battle damage can't hurt. using a hand drill first make a round hole, then use a knife and cut away from the hole in a star-like pattern. With a little practice, this works very well.
I shaved off the winged skull on the shield, which looks a bit rough and clumsy to me. Instead I added the Imperial eagle on the barrel. I will paint them as part of the metal casting, not white or bone.
Allright, on the diorama with the bunker.
I am using an old base from this OOP Revell model..
(allright, stop here for a sec. My very, very first post for Santa Cruz Warhammer (exactly 3 years ago!) was a post about a kitbashed Squiggoth where I used the Triceratops above, click here for that one...After all these years I still had the base for this model and can use it now. I am telling you, never throw stuff away, you never know when you are ready to use bitz) OK, here's a picture of that Squiggoth:
Aah, back in the day...I sculpted all the head stuff with clay....

OK, back to important things. So again, here's the look of what I am after:
Here's what I concocted:
I could not get a hold of blue or pink foam, but had gotten some scraps from my buddy Christian, so I filled up the area a much as I could. Then I added the plastic card around, then newspaper, soaked in water with PVA glue. That filled up the area and gave me options to create some elevation.
I used superglue with accelarator to shape the plastic card around the curved lines of the base.

That's all for now, time to let it dry!



  1. This looks killer already - I really love your attention to detail.

    Can't wait to see what elese you do with this.


  2. "I used superglue with accelarator to shape the plastic card around the curved lines of the base."

    I've never heard of this technique before! Can you give more of a description of how it is done?

  3. Esty: accelarator hardens the superglue instantly. It is invaluable for glueing metal easily.
    Check it out, get some

  4. It's really coming together, can't wait to see it finished 'Santa Cruz' style.

  5. Thanks, Mike

    ...but how to you use superglue with accelerator to shape the plastic card?

    (sorry if the answer to this is obvious)

  6. Esty: got the question now. I bent the plastic card sort of in the right shape already. Then I put super glue on the rim of the base and spray the accelarator on it and then QUICKLY press the plastic card into shape. You have to do that quickly, because the glue will be hard in about 2-3 seconds. Use force to bend the plastic to your will!

  7. This is beginning to remind me fondly of memories of the first Call of Duty or maybe it was one of the Medals of Honor where you assault a FlaK nest with several 88s.