Thursday, December 9, 2010

Belial Redux, and Icon Issues - Deathwing Project Update.

I have decided to update my Deathwing army. I am rebasing all the Termies on resin bases, and the HQ will have cool hero bases.

I know Belial is kind of a wimp game wise, but to play real Deathwing he is the key that unlocks Terminators as troops, so he has to be there.

In my list he leads a lightning claw squad with a Termie Chaplin that rides in a Crusader.

My first Belial was based off of the Lysander model and looks cool, but I wanted to try something different.

Here were my goals with this model:
1. hooded head and cloak- I decided that the cloaks are more or less unique to the Dark Angels and I think they look cool so I will make Sargent and above in my army have one.
2. lightning claws
3. fancy armor- a little older looking to show his veteran status and stand out a bit.
4. Iron Halo
5. Lots of bling

I have seen lots of cool stuff all over the blogverse and grabbed ideas from all over.

I started with:
-plastic Termie legs
-the back half of a Chaos Termie body
-Chaos Termie claw arms (idea stolen from Ron FTW)
-hooded head
-plastic Dred. shin guards for shoulder pads (as I used in the 1st SCW Belial post in 2007)
-Templar marine front torso, which I placed an add for on the Barter Bucket (idea from Dave Taylor White dwarf 310, Sons of Twilight) with pointy neck guard and long tabbard.
-Halo from a Black Reach Termie Sargent with the skull and bottom removed.

This is what I have at the moment, I need to add something to the shins, but I am trying to figure out the iconography.

I think he looks kind of short for a Master of the Deathwing, so I am going to separate the body from the legs and add some greenstuff to make him taller.

At the moment he has an eagle with skull on his right shoulder, and the winged sword on his left, but I am not too happy with it like that and plan to switch them around.

I am a bit confused by what a Captain in Terminator Armor (or a Master) would wear as far as icons and where they would be.

The Insignium Astartes book shows the Imperial Eagle, over the company colors on the right shoulder, but also says that veteran Captains might only show their many honors, it also says they wear the chapter logo on the left shoulder, I am not sure if the Termie shoulder pad switch is done on Captains or Masters.

His Banner is supposed to look like this
I don't think I will use a banner, but thought of using the Deathwing pad on the right shoulder and adding the green stripe to it and the sword and halo icons. I would add the Captain's eagle to the right shin.

So what should then be on the left shoulder? terminator crux Seems like the best choice, but most Captains I have seen use a Sargent's crux, I thought the Captains had their own version with a shard of the Emperor's armor inside.

Here is an old Captain's Crux from a very old White Dwarf.
Perhaps I will try to make something like this for the left shoulder.

Any ideas?



  1. Looking good, though I do agree that he looks a little 'stunted' and probably needs a bit of green stuff to lift the torso a bit.

    Something that is common for marines to do is campaign badges on their leg armor, if they have knee pads it tends to go there. But with a TDA I'd just put it on the right leg, and put personal things like the captains eagle on the left leg.

  2. I think the Captain's Crux would look really good on one of his leg greaves.

  3. Make his shins longer. He has alot going on up-stairs, I think he's starting to look a bit like a squat with all the added upper-bulk. Give your army leader a little height to show his authority.

    (it'll also give you more real estate to sculpt some campaign badges on)

    just my 2 cents. Looking great so far.

  4. I think it it looks terrific. I wouldn't personally adjust the height - I'd place the figure on a slight pedestal so that he stands higher than other squad members.

    There's a great thread where somebody has created dark angel terminator squads which look very good:

    and GW's Space Hulk artwork might be a good source of ideas:

    Mark Gibbons painting of a dark angel chaplain is also excellent:

    (scroll down: second picture)

    I think the books would be a sharp motif: the dark angels are characterised by piety. I think that's what I would go for personally.