Thursday, December 9, 2010

Belial Redux, Pt.2, Progress - Deathwing Project Update.

Some more progress.

If you are just joining us, check the last post for the intro and some background.

Here he is at this point.

I made him taller, and got to some of the iconography with plastic bits and greenstuff.

As I said I wanted the Eagle to show his rank as Captain, the center bit is from the vehicle sprue, wings from a robed Dark Angel icon with the wings flipped to match the curve of the right shin.

on the left shin, the same icon used for the wings but retaining the robed figure and wings flipped again.

Captain's Terminator Crux, the top is resin from a Forgeworld Termie shoulder pad.

Molded in robe, and sword icon on shoulder pad.

Iron Halo icon and declawed thumb.

Mostly finished building, might move the halo down closer to head but like how tall it makes the model.

Not sure If I will paint the icons gold or stone. Also if the robe will be green or bone.



  1. The conversion for your Belial model is stunning! I love what you did with the shouder pads.

  2. Really nicely done... I finally had the parts I was after for my Belial come in the post today and wasn't expecting to see an update from you when I'm working on my conversion!

    I love what you've done with the legs and shoulders. Just enough to show he's more than the average figure but not overdone!

  3. :O That's just all KINDS of awesome. You could bottle it and sell it as awesome-sauce! This could cure cancer.... well you get the point.

    In all seriousness this look great. I LOVE the work on the legs, it's a rather genius combination of parts.

  4. The greaves look nice, but I really like the work you did to fix the crux to the correct design.

    Well done on the sculpting.

  5. Thanks guys,
    I am now trying to mold everything in and make it look like it belongs.

    Mighty- The dred shins as pads I reused from my original Belial years ago, mostly as I am too lazy to sculpt the chapter badge.

    Simo- I am not sure of my colorscheme yet, have to decide on the robe color and if I will use gold or stone for the icons, but it will all happen quickly.

    Lord Shaper- like to see what yours ends up looking like, the legs kind of just came together as I wanted the rank eagle somewhere and after that the other need something to balance,I am hoping the shoulder icons blend in a bit more with paint.

    Dave- Thanks

    Rich- thanks, I am lucky to have a ridiculous amount of bits at hand, and they really just kind of found there way into shape.

    Ron- As I mentioned in the first post, the Crux is from an old White Dwarf and I really wanted him to have his rank stand out, the detail of the Forge World Crux had nice recesses and angles, I tried to get the same kind of relief in the greenwork, it looks better in person and after a glazing of spot filler to even it out. The halo was the hard part. Not quite Saikowski quality, but it's good enough for the table top. I am looking forward to your new Deathwing showing up at FTW.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer