Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Knights of Bal Timorea! - Almost Done

As time runs out on this project, I am nearing finished, just a few more details and he will be ready. He looks like this now,

Here is one Mike did,

Mike liked his model so much, he decided to make it into a vignette and keep it, so I think I am going to do one more to make up the numbers, I have some heraldry for my Mom's side of the family, and so I will be adding Sir Wilken to the roster.

I guess I had hoped for a better turnout for this, but it is the holiday season, and I understand that folks are busy, and asking people to give stuff away is asking a lot.

I will say that the entries that are coming in are much better than I had hoped for, with great looking models from everyone, also with a smaller group entering, each person has a better chance at winning. The winner of this group will be receiving some nicely done models.

Here are some pics of models from some of the participants, you can find links to there sites on the right.

PapaJJ from DiceRolla

Meatball from My Dice Hate Me

Elbrun from Painting Sanctuary

Ron from From The Warp

Barter Bucket's Gyro of Mik's Minis,

I think there may be other knights in the works, but I haven't seen them, so if you have one in progress, or are starting one now (better work fast) let us know so we can add you to the list.



  1. They all look awesome. The unit is going to be completely epic. You've made a great job guys, all of you.

  2. I'll get a WIP pic up with the rest of these today...though it pales in comparison to these awesome looking ones!

  3. Gyro, yours is looking good, I can't wait to see him finished!

  4. It's cool to see all our knights together. They should look great as a unit. Kinda reminds me of 5th edition Bretonnians

  5. Thanks for the updates guys, I have added some new pics, a great looking group.

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