Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Mike's Knight of Bal Timorea, part 5: it's done!

Well, first I have to say that John is all mad at me. The reason is simple. He started out this project hoping that we would inspire a bunch of modelers to paint up a knight. Then all the knights would go into a big bag and out of all the participants we would draw a winner who would get the whole lot.
But the project didn't attract too much attention and along the way I decided that I would just model a cool knight on a massive, diorame like base, completely not fit for an army AND on top of that I liked him so much that I told John I actually couldn't give him up anymore, more so after I painted my treasure Dutch Citizenship symbols onto the shields...
I guess I will have to paint up another knight for the project, but we better get some more participants..
Anyway, here is "The Disillusioned Knight from the Netherlands comes back from the Orc Wars with his trusted but grumpy Knave"
Hope you enjoyed this project.
Here are the four other parts:

Go Orange, Go Giants!



  1. Looks great, go Oranje!

    I would have liked to join in on the Knights project, but I had already committed to a Halloween painting contest. Maybe you guys could extend the deadline.

  2. Mike- You better still do one to give away.

    Alex- you still have over a month to join in.

    Santa Cruz Warhammer

  3. Great finish - and I'd feel bad for not making progress with *MY* knight except that I've been distracted by a wee baby.

    I'm not getting much of anything done these days.

  4. Looks great Mike! Very nice conversions and painting you got there.