Friday, March 4, 2011

SCWH Honor Roll #2 - Green Stuff

Welcome to this week's SCWH Honor Roll!  Our topic du jour is Green Stuff and sculpting, but there was a bit of deviation for posts that I could not let slip past without mentioning.

This weeks posts that I felt were awe-inspiring:

True Mini Wargammer's Green Stuff Primer
Dukes Inferno's Plated Stormraven
Miniature Wargame Conversion's Old Stuff Day Daemon Prince
Under the Couch's Sternguard Marines
Ferrus Manus's Shoulder Icon Molds/Casings
Little Green Monsters's WHFB Chaos Units
Master of the Forge's Artscale Captain
Maximum Heresy's Scratchbuilt Greater Daemon

I also have 2 posts that I wish I had for last weeks Kitbashing Honor Roll:
Miniature Wargaming Conversions's Nurgle Predator Tank
Awakening Ynnead's Tyranid Harpy

Mike and John's additions for this weeks Honor roll are:

Mike: -- I am a fan of CM Dante. Check here to find out why

John: -- Check out Simon M. for some great Green Stuff work.

That finishes out this week's Honor Roll! I hope you were inspired by the above posts.  Now, go forth and make something awesome! Oh and by the way, if you want to help out this project, please go here so you can find out how to add this list as a link on your blog. This way we can really promote some of the best work all across our blogosphere.



  1. Next weeks topic: Painting!

    I hope you all enjoy.


  2. Wow! I'm really honored to be on the SCWH honor roll. Thank you very much and I'm very glad you noticed and liked my work. Cheers!

  3. Some great stuff on this week's Honor Roll! I wish I was better at sculpting with GS rather than just using it for gap filling - the blogs chosen this week are definitely inspirational. Good work, everyone!

  4. Thanks for the shout out... I'm glad you like the storm raven. Perhaps ill paint it now, lol.


  5. Wow!! Thanks for the double shout out! Those are 2 of my fav projects ive done as well!

    Its an honor!