Monday, June 20, 2011

Death Company Storm Raven, Part 5: the finished model!

I finally was able to finish the Death Company Storm Raven for the Heroes of Armageddon Project. Here are the images:
Here's the full shot with the front door open. I painted the entire interior but nothing of it will show, except the front part. it's a matter of principle for me, but still a bit disappointing that this model lets very little light in when the hatches are open.

 my favorite part of the model: the lowly servitor
 side shot with all the grey streaking that I talk about in post two (see below)
 The wings are magnetized, so this model transports easily
 The engine goes from silver to brown to black, which looks nice.
 Top view

If you want to see the previous posts, here's a list

This plane will fly off to Chicago and will be one of the models for the Blood Angels Army that will be given to a lucky donater. REMEMBER: if you want a chance to win this and many other great models, please donate some bucks through Paypal. ALL the money will go to DOCTORS WITHOUT BORDERS.
Here's their newsfeed for this week: pretty amazing work they do...check out the person that go arrested in Bahrein without reason and thankfully released again without charges after weeks of jailtime for no reason.



  1. That sure is a pretty Storm Raven you have there...

  2. Very nice work! I'll admit I was worried based on the initial passes, but man it came together beautifully - good stuff!

  3. Really nice work. The streaks turned out well. Will have to try that for my next Valk.

  4. These photos turned out great. After seeing the model in person I knew the first couple posts did not do it justice. Whatever you did with your photos this time nailed it!

  5. michael: used my 5D mark II...that will do it