Wednesday, September 14, 2011

More Ogres: another Counts as Mournfang Cav

After finishing the first chariot as my counts-as Mournfang Cavalry unit, I built another one. This one I equipped with a ram on the front and some differerent weapons on the side. Everything else is basically the same. Here are some images:
this Ogre had some facial hair and I worked harder on the skin tones.

I gave him a modest tattoo on his back, a bit more muted then on my first test model

His hand weapon comes from the Vampire Counts Corpse Cart

Here is the 2nd cart with slaves

Balsawood looks amazing when it's built and painted. It's very easy and with a bit of work you can make it look very decent

Here is the finished model

and the finished unit

My gaming buddies and my wife gave me some criticism about it being unrealistic to have slaves push those carts with Ogres on it. I completely agree. But that was not the point. To me, the models are there to convey an idea or a feeling. Ogres being nomadic, would certainly take prisoners. They couldn't eat them all in one go, they would capture hundreds and thousands during a campaign. That part interests me. I am thinking how I can keep adding human slaves to all the larger models to convey this idea, this moment in time. In the end, that kind of narative gives me the energy to paint so many models with similar paintschemes.
As for counts-as critics, I can only say that this is all for fun and just laugh and move on (or don't play).

Here's the link to making the first chariot

 It was a great test run for painting some Ogres, the unit was inexpensive but fun to build and it will be fun to put them on the table to at Santa Cruz Warhammer Game Night, this coming September 23rd!



  1. Love everything about it (that balsa came out looking amazing!), but I would rather see 4 man slave teams per chariot... the back-end seems way too heavy for just 2 of those skinny little guys.

    Great concept, and execution overall.

  2. I can't wait for game night and to see these in person!!! Very nice work Mike!

  3. It's a fantasy game - "realism" is secondary. Lots of the creatures wouldn't be able to sustain themselves, dragons wouldn't really fly, simultaneous relatively convergent evolution of multiple humanoid species that get to the widespread civilization point is extremely unlikely, etc.

    So - who's to say that Ogre Magic only works on Ogres? Maybe the slaves are juiced up, trading temporary dinner immunity for service? Or perhaps the carts themselves are enchanted and the slaves are mostly just for steering?

    Saying this couldn't exist but that Ogres and Rhinox make perfect sense is a little mind-boggling to me. ;-)

  4. Esty: i thought about 4 slaves but couldn't model them in a way to give the model some visual room and still fit all of that in there
    Maleagant: see you soon man. I also modeled an ogre amputee...
    sons: thanks man. you're right there

  5. Love them, I agree that isn't realistic, but really this isn't an issue for me...

    Really good Work!

  6. Amazing work, really interisting the way of how evolve